Weekly Photo Challenge: Guatemalan Market Treats

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Treat.

We do not celebrate Halloween in Nicaragua. Instead, we observe the Dia de Muerto ( Day of the Dead), on November 2nd. That is the time we gather at the cemetery to clean and decorate the graves of our loved ones.

My favorite indulgence, besides chocolate, is when we travel abroad. The biggest feast for my eyes is to treat myself to a local market. And I mean LOCAL, not the tourist traps where throngs of foreigners go. When we were in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we took a chicken bus to Santa Clara to visit the local market. We were the only foreigners there and what a treat it was!

Market Day in Santa Clara.
IMG_0820Fresh strawberries…such a delight.

The enjoyment of watching the local Mayan women dressed in their finest traditional clothes for market day.
IMG_0824The sweet gift of pineapples from the vendor who matched her outfit to the color of the pineapples.
IMG_0815The entertaining turkey vendor. We talked turkey and she was so good at her sales pitch that I almost bought a turkey in a sack…but then I came to my senses. 🙂
IMG_0922The delightful vegetable woman and her hand embroidered flowers on her blouse.
IMG_0822Bargains galore.
IMG_0827The gratification and entertainment of watching the local Mayan women shop in the market…priceless.
IMG_0825Next time you travel abroad, treat yourself to a small local market. It is pure satisfaction.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Guatemalan Market Treats

    • Oh Anita, I was enthralled with the colors, fabrics, and embroidery in Guatemala. We visited a women’s weaving cooperative and learned how to spin cotton and use natural dyes. And, of course, I had to buy a lot of material to make cushions, curtains, and other things. I bought so much material that I had to buy a Guatemalan bag to bring it back to Nicaragua. lol

    • Thanks, Clay. Oh, the street markets in Paris are awesome. Once, when visiting the street markets in Paris, I went on a hunt for everything that had a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it. I brought back tons of stuff, put little bags together of antique Eiffel Tower mementos, and sold them on eBay. My Eiffel Tower bags were very popular and I sold out in a few days.

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