“Is It Too Risky To Invest In Ecuador?”

Beware of International Living! This could happen to you! I detest the greedy real estate developers and abhor International Living because they present living abroad as a paradise and misrepresent the truth of what it is really like to live abroad. Follow the money trail before attending any of their expensive conferences or meeting with any of their real estate developers. This is tragic. Thanks to my friend Lisa for keeping us informed about what is happening in El Matal along the coast of Ecuador.

2 thoughts on ““Is It Too Risky To Invest In Ecuador?”

  1. The earth is a movin and a shakin ,,its true ,,,anywhere near oceans ,anyplace with droughts, water shortages , less rainfall, too many people , LETS ADD TO THE LIST ……..


    Hopefully Pat will grow on from this experience and share her story as much as she feels…thats a blessing to us all, in the meantime Pat ,,keep up the faith ,,you will survive , and theres nothing that brings us to our knees and senses faster than the collapse of anything dear to us.Always painful lessons with growth…….. I’ve been there too.
    My prayers are with you, as are my thoughts, and again thank you.
    May God lead you to better waters ,inside and out ,and to the joy of hope and restoration.
    Much Light ,
    HeidI Lane

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