Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefully Climbing with Chikungunya

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Careful.
 Ron and I planned a 40th wedding anniversary trip to Guatemala. The morning before we left, we both had a relapse of Chikungunya. I won’t go into all the debilitating details. You can read my post on Chikun…What? However, let me say that we both mastered the ‘walk like a zombie’ for Halloween. We tried to change our airline tickets, but it was prohibitively expensive. So, we sucked it up and hobbled to the airport with delicate painful baby steps.

Guatemala, is not a place to visit with Chikungunya. The cobblestone streets of Antigua were painfully difficult for our swollen ankles. We calculated every step carefully.

We laboriously climbed stairs and steep hills around Lake Atitlan.
IMG_0775Then, the storm arrived and our prudently planned vacation with Chikungunya terminated in a hellish ride over the mountains.

The morning we left Lake Atitlan, it was pouring rain and thick fog blanketed the mountains we had to pass over to get back to Antigua.
IMG_1028We had meticulously cared for our painful and swollen joints, but were sorely unprepared for the trip over the bumpy and steep roads. These photos were taken a few days before our final trip when we visited a market in Santa Clara along the same road. It was impossible for me to get any photos the day we left for Antigua.

I stopped counting at 32 switchbacks in the dreadfully bumpy and foggy roads. I would have bitten my fingernails, but with Chikungunya, my knuckles refused to bend.  Anxious and fretful, I put my life in the hands of the driver, whom I hoped was careful and conscientious. This is the best photo I could take to show our ride.
IMG_0832After three and a half hours we arrived safely, if not a bit disheveled, in Antigua thanks to a thoroughly experienced and professional driver.
IMG_1049We successfully climbed carefully with Chikungunya, but we really hope we never have to do it again. It was an interesting vacation with Chikungunya. Yet, in the words of Gertrude Stein, “If you are too careful, you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something.” We stumbled a lot, but I am so glad we went. Guatemala is a beautiful country, but best traveled without Chikungunya.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefully Climbing with Chikungunya

  1. ugh.. of course i am not surprised since i’m about a month or so ‘ahead’ of you in the chikV veterans club. it’s odd that if i stay busy all day, my hands stay limmber, especially if i’m working on the property/pulling grasses, using the shovel, wheel barrow, swing blade.. but here in jama i’ve used the camera a lot, and maybe my hands hurt from that task, but my hands stay stiff all day here.

    chikungunya is a sadistic virus, isn’t it?

    i keep wondering what happened to my think hair, and then remember, ‘chikungunya did that…’

  2. HI!!
    So sorry to hear about your illness ,,,what a pain!!!

    Did u get it in Nicaragua in Ometepe?? UGH!!!!!

    I have friends whom live in Lake Aitilan for years ,,,their from Miami ….they love it ,,!!!

    I came close to living there as well , but decided it was toooo far from any beaches,,

    I will be in Granada again ,,end of December , this time looking for 1/2 an acre of land to buy,,outside of Granada 20-30 minutes ,,,I will be there about 2 weeks…..lookingggggggg

    my cob plan is coming along and my friend who is an architect, here in the states ,,, ,,,(and cob expert….)
    has been a great help…he will be going with me to build and direct the experience, whenever….

    In the meantime I’ve been super busy shooting amazing weddings ,,, by the way..


    Best ,
    Heidi Lane

  3. We can really relate to the pain, having had chikungunya (or “chik v” as we call it in Jamaica) just over a year ago. And the pain does return regularly, in different ways. My ankles and knees have never been the same since, and I recently had a wave of fever and back pain that I can only call a “relapse,” on my first “anniversary” of chik v. Now we have had rains and more mosquitoes, everyone is afraid of a revival of the epidemic of last year. BUT having said all that, it looks like a wonderful place. Great photos!! All the best…

  4. Thanks for post. I don’t want to get it. Take care and get better soon.

    There is an article here in Panama about a Peace Corps volunteer who lost 40 pounds, came down with dengue and had a bout with Leishmaniasis. It is known by several names, one being “White Leprosy”.

  5. I’m so sorry that you had such a painful vacation! I’m sure your pain was very distracting so couldn’t soak up all the beauty like you wanted. Happy Anniversary on your 40th, yeah! Your photos are lovely and I adore the cobblestone streets. Hope you are feeling better!

    • Thanks, Barb. The pain was distracting, but we didn’t let it stop us. UGH…those cobblestone streets…pretty, but dangerous. We watched several women wearing high spiked heels trying to walk over those stones. One woman finally took off her shoes and walked barefoot. It was so funny to watch. 🙂

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