Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries Across Cultures

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Boundaries Boundaries are physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational. They can consist of the limits of what we consider safe and appropriate. They reinforce our values, goals, concerns, and roles we choose to play. There are similarities and differences in boundaries across cultures, so it is important to be sensitive to people’s differences.

Nicaragua has many forms of boundaries.

For protection and personal security

Our community built a safe and creative playground for our local children.

Along the Rio San Juan, in El Castillo, the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception has protected the sovereignty of the river since 1675.

IMG_6688The Spanish colonial authorities constructed the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception to protect the citizens of Granada from future attacks.

IMG_6852Borders separate countries with invisible boundaries

The boundary, or frontera, separates Costa Rica from Nicaragua.

IMG_6545Most people respect boundaries, but wandering cows and horses don’t understand them.

Fences line our Ometepe Island airport runway to keep the wandering cows off the runway.
IMG_3391Boundaries can be decorative

On Corn Island, conch shells outline the trunks of coconut trees.

IMG_5082 Lobster season is over and the lobster nets are orderly rowed waiting for the next season to begin.

IMG_7430A boundary is a limit or edge that defines you as separate from others.

Sometimes, we need to expand our boundaries… to stretch our boundaries to connect us with others, as in this person’s homemade wheel chair.
IMG_5215 There are times when boundaries are barriers

Yes, maintaining boundaries allows us to gain trust in ourselves to take care of ourselves. But, sometimes with our dune buggy and a wild streak, I like to go beyond boundaries, experience the wind in my hair, and the sand under my feet. No boundaries can be  exhilarating!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries Across Cultures

  1. I’ve been enjoying your informative blog for awhile now as my husband and I contemplate a move to Mexico or Nicaragua sometime in the near future…but just recently noticed these wonderful photo essays/challenges around a theme. They are so lovely and creative while at the same time showing different views of Nicaragua that are very engaging. I currently teach in a school where we have an annual global theme to study throughout the school year (ie water, climate, conservation). I think it would be a great activity to ask our students to do a similar activity on this year’s theme. Perhaps I will organize a contest of sorts. Thanks for the idea!

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