Weekly Photo Challenge: Shades of Pitaya

The Weekly Photo challenge is: Monochromatic.

Our Pitaya fruit is ripe and OHHHHH is it beautiful and delicious. I took a kaleidoscope photo on my iPad of our bowl of Pitaya fruit. Problem was… I was so excited to eat it, I neglected to get a “normal” photo of our ripe fruit. 🙂


If you are wondering what the ripe Pitaya looks like…
pitaya fruitAnd, if you missed my post of our night blooming Pitaya..check this out! It’s pretty amazing. How Does Your Dragon Fruit Grow?


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shades of Pitaya

  1. i loved the abundance of pitaya in the rivas market, and i found many creative options – even made a pasta sauce w/it. great post, and i’m glad to peek and see how you’re doing.

    btw, every time i brush my hair, the ole chikungunya curse lingers as one more side effect … today i asked another veteran, and she too is losing lots of hair. hopefully we’ll adjust and recover the lost locks!


    • Hi ZZZZZZ! I miss you. I need your recipe for the pasta sauce. That’s one thing we haven’t made yet with our Pitaya.
      You are losing your hair? That’s a side effect I haven’t heard. Fortunately for Ron, he’s bald, but I’ll have to check my hair brush to see if I’ve lost hair, which I can’t afford to lose because it is fine and thin. Geez. My pinky finger still hurts when I type. I wonder if it will ever be normal again.

      • working on my friends’ property has been the best medicine for me. using a shovel for hours and hours and dumping one after another (load) of soil from a to b has been great physical therapy. it feels good, and i’m so much stroner now.. with 100+ hectares to tend for my friends, i am having a blast with the honor of making improvements, etc.

        yes, i spoke with a friend at the nearby beach, and she too is losing/has lost a lot of hair. each time i brush my hair, there’s a week’s worth or more.. moral of that story is: don’t brush your hair!

        the pasta sauce was good but the bright purple color was a bit alarming. it would be fine for candlelight but just not ‘norm,’ so i added a package of tomato paste to nudge it into the right color family. just dice the pitayaha and add to the sauteed tomatoes/peppers/whatever and simmer for half an hour.


        buen provecho!

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