Weekly Photo Challenge: The Umbilical Cords of Ometepe Island

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Connected.

Living on a tropical island an hour away from the mainland of Nicaragua requires many connections. Here are a few ways we band-together on our lovely Ometepe Island like umbilical cords.

The ferries tie Ometepe Island to the mainland with regular daily trips.

Soon our electricity will be coupled with the mainland through strong underwater cables.
IMG_9217Delicious tropical fruits are tethered to their mother trees.
IMG_7592New roads connect small villages throughout Ometepe Island.
IMG_5369Our digital island connects school children to the rest of the world.
IMG_5319My elementary school library is creating a kinship with books.
IMG_5276Even the butterflies find love connections on Ometepe Island.
butterfly sexThe islanders become allies in support and protection for our beautiful UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Ometepe ProtestsPiglets hookup with mama Petunia for their hourly nutrition.
IMG_6209Finally, what a loving connection between a mother and her child! I didn’t realize when I took this photo on the small plane back to Ometepe Island, that this mother was breastfeeding… the most powerful connection of all.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Umbilical Cords of Ometepe Island

  1. Debbie,

    As always, thank you so much for your updates on our paradise island. I am envious about the fruta de pan you will be enjoying from your garden this year. I can’t wait to plant some in Punta Piñuela. Does it propagate from seed or cuttings?

    Also thank you the picture of the cabling barge, it makes me feel more hopeful about the project.

    Love all your pics and narratives. Keep them coming, you are my lifeline to my awaiting dream.

    • Hola Ernesto,
      The breadfruit tree propagates like the banana plant. There are no seeds in the breadfruit, so you have to wait until a baby tree shoots up beside the mother and then transplant it. We don’t have any baby plants, yet, but when we do, I can save one for you. That will give you a good reason to come back to Ometepe to visit. 🙂
      Our new underwater electric cable should be ready to go in December. I’m looking forward to it because we are all hoping that our electric bills will be lower.

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