Weekly Photo Challenge: Our Fruit From Every Angle

The Weekly Photo Challenge is From Every Angle. Our fruit is growing and falling from every angle on Ometepe Island. It pings, smashes, bounces, and crashes to the ground. It twists, climbs, and sways in the wind.

Our nancites are ripe and ping to the ground every few seconds. The neighborhood kids bring their buckets and scoop up the marble size fruit to eat it like candy.

Our coconut trees dance and sway in the lake breeze. Just be careful not to stand under the coconut trees in a strong wind. Did you know that 150 people die every year from  coconuts falling on their heads?

Our breadfruit tree is fruiting! This is so exciting because we planted the tree three years ago and didn’t expect fruit so soon. From the top, from the front, and from the side, it still looks delicious to me.

Bunches of bananas coming soon. I was chased away by wasps, so I only got two angles for the banana plant. 🙂

Every angle exposed…my mouth is watering!


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Our Fruit From Every Angle

  1. Hi Debbie, I love your blog. It brought back memories when I saw the nancites on the ground ready to be picked up. I am from Belen, Rivas currently living in San Rafael, California and get home sick when I look at some of your pictures. Thank you for appreciating Nicaragua. There are so many wonderful people in this world and you are one of them. God bless you and best wishes always. Rafael

    • Hola, Rafael. Muchas gracias por sus lindos comentarios. Creo que usted es la primera persona de Rivas que ha comentado en mi blog. Me enamoré con de la gente de Nicaragua hace muchos años y esto siempre será mi casa. Si se encuentra en Rivas, ven a verme en la isla. Gracias de nuevo y espero conocerte algún día.

      • Hola Debbie, I hope all is well. Me gustaria conocerlos a ustedes tambien. Yo tengo planes de ir a Nicaragua en Diciembre. Talvez usted y su marido puedan llegar a visitarme en Belen. Belen solamente esta a 10 kilometros de Rivas. Espero seguir la comunicacion con usted. Muchas bendiciones para usted y su familia.

  2. Amazing shots and selection. I had no idea about the coconuts killing people. Scary thought. Wonderful that you are gleaning fruit so early from your own trees. It must be wonderful to be able to pick your own fruit and have fresh coconut.

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