Weekly Photo Challenge: Some Days You Just Gotta Laugh

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Today Was a Good Day.

Although the WordPress gang wanted us to try their new Mesh program for a gallery of our photos, it was so frustrating that I gave up and instead found photos that made me laugh today.

You never know what you will find on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.  The photos prove that in the land of the not quite right, you gotta laugh.  These photos were taken last week. So, for your entertainment today, I hope you have a few chuckles after viewing my photos.

How do you entertain the taxi driver’s two children on a long ride to Managua? You take goofy photos with your iPad.
Joe entertains a group of students at our La Paloma library. “Open your mouth as wide as the shark!”
IMG_0120This photo is so typical of an entertainment center in a Nicaraguan house. It just made me laugh. By the way, Marina told me the big TV doesn’t work so she covered it with a pretty doily.
IMG_0082My dog, Cappy, took a selfie with his nose just for fun!
IMG_0020While waiting for the parade to start last week, we wondered what volcano tricks our sleeping giant knows that we don’t.
IMG_8758What do you do with 100 people at a birthday party in a downpour in the rainy season? Maeva protects the leg of the pinata stuffed with candy.
IMG_8944Our local lawyer is so proud of his new lawnmower, that he pushed it in the parade. It’s a rare thing to see a lawn mower on Ometepe Island. I think it was the hit of the parade.
IMG_8860Have you ever seen such beautiful cow poo? Two little piles of cow poo were on our road last week with signs that said, “Help Yourself.”
IMG_9107Have a great day and remember to laugh!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Some Days You Just Gotta Laugh

  1. I like the Mesh gallery. It offers a much faster way to get multiple photos on WordPress in a slideshow. Yeah, there’s a learning curve involved and it’s not perfect but it can give your blog post an interesting look.

    • Annette, I think it was developed by WordPress for mobile devices. I always write my posts on my Macbook, and I had a difficult time ( impossible) to put captions on my photos and crop the photos. I’ll give it another try later, but I really didn’t have time to experiment with it.

  2. As I was opening your post I heard a little girl (perhaps eight or nine years old) laughing with her mother in the pool area. Her laugh was so contagious that I was laughing out loud as the girls mother made funny sounds and had that little one laughing. Laughter is good. We do a lot of it here. Thanks for the photos.

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