Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy Nicaragua

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Creepy.

There are some masks, clowns, baby dolls, and critters that really creep me out in Nicaragua.

Don Cabo has some creepy masks he uses to entertain tourists.

Then, there is this sinister clown at a religious festival.
IMG_8808I think my ghoulish Pre-Columbian devil face is possessed.
IMG_0676And then, these disturbing baby dolls I found at a birthday party.
IMG_0896IMG_0895Sometimes macabre baby doll arms pop up on the beach.
IMG_5187That’s when I need a Toña to calm my nerves.
IMG_2992And then there are the nightmarish vampire bats, scorpions, and petrified Cane toads. OH MY!
vampire bats 2 IMG_3157IMG_5602Oh the creepy things I find in Nicaragua. It’s enough to make me puke up my guts.
IMG_1425What creepy things frighten you?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy Nicaragua

  1. Those were some creepy, nasty looking pics. We aren’t without our creepiness here in the desert either. We have bats too and scorpions and once in a while see a dried up desert toad because they are nocturnal and can’t be out in the sun. We’ve seen entrails too when a raptor catches something and chows down, or if a jackrabbit gets hit on the road in front of the house.

    When we were kids, my dad would put on a creepy Halloween mask and scare us kids to death. It was all in good fun but we’d run and scream.


  2. I’m glad I’d already been here before seeing these! If I hadn’t, I might be in a different country altogether right now!

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