Weekly Photo Challenge: My Magnificent Muse

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Muse.

My magnificent muse is Concepcion Volcano. Most of the time she sleeps majestically in my backyard and is a constant source of my artistic inspiration. See for yourself! Webcam for Concepcion Volcano.

No matter what is in front of her, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by her beauty and speculate about her origins and power.
IMG_4053IMG_288021saying goodbye copyIMG_4799

From land, I contemplate her constantly changing cloud accessories.
IMG_2195IMG_2857From the air, I daydream about Concepcion’s power over me.
IMG_3643Flying over OmetepeWhen she awakes from her slumber, we tremble and pray for the goddess to return to a peaceful state of tranquility, for she can be temperamental in her moods.
IMG_8268October 2014 landslides destroyed three villages when we were deluged with 15 inches of rain overnight.
IMG_4976IMG_4980Yet, her allure is magical.
OmetepeThe full moon rises over her…
IMG_7358bathing her in moon shadows.
moon over ConcepcionGoodnight Concepcion. Sleep peacefully.
moon over ometepe

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Magnificent Muse

  1. Wow! Magical, mystical, magnificent and a meaningful muse, indeed. If I lived there, I too would be hypnotized by her spell. Beautiful collection of photos, Debbie. What I like about Concepcion is that she is always there, but every time you look at her, she has changed. Let’s hope she continues to sleep. 🙂

    Great photos and story ,,,!!!!!!
    I head back to Granada mid July with friends once again ,,,a cool turn of events ,,,unexpected …this time Im bringing a renowned guitarist and his wife as their really interested in seeing Granada and all around…sooo,I missed Leon and Matagalpa ,,so were heading there as well.
    From talking to various expats in Granada ,,,Im going to look for a house to rent on my own,,,I did not have a great experience with local realtors there…. tho GPS was ok,,,,,
    but….,the owner of the home I almost rented lease was far to be desired and my realtor friend in Miami laughed her ass off at it ,,,long story, but the owner from L.A should know better…
    so my search continues!
    I liked Granada ,,,same temp as Miami,,really and I like hot weather , loved Laguna de Apoya and its so close by!!!
    Loved all the Nicas I met ,,,,,really super nice ,,,,,much friendlier than the Costa Ricans I met by far….!
    Met many people living in Granada …expats , tourists , hotel owners , restaurant owners ,very interesting!!!! ohhhh and expats that have lived there for over 15 years ,,,when the streets were all dirt! its a changing ,,,fast!!!!

    • Heidi, I describe Concepcion as a people magnet. Once you catch a glimpse of her beauty, you are stuck with lasting impressions. So glad you felt the same way. It sounds like you had a great experience visiting Granada. I’ll have to dig out my old photos to show you of what Granada looked like 12 years ago. You are right, there have been many, many changes.

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