The Start of Something Big

IMG_5343My former fifth grade student is visiting Nicaragua for the first time. On her 19th birthday, we took her to Charco Verde to see the monkeys. Returning home in the taxi, we had a flat tire. I couldn’t help but laugh at the taxi driver’s t-shirt. The Start of Something Big
His t-shirt says it all about living in Nicaragua.

Rosie wanted to climb Concepcion volcano, so I made arrangements with a guide to take her climbing. The Start of Something Big…INETER released a warning to all tourists. “Concepcion volcano is active. 85 explosions of ash have been reported. It is recommended not to climb Concepcion until the warning has been canceled.”

IMG_8268Instead, we hiked along the shoreline to search for Pre-Columbian pottery shards. The Start of Something Big…I found a beautiful head. I think it was a necklace. Rosie is hooked!

IMG_8307Our mangoes have been falling for six months. I turned Rosie on to delicious mango smoothies and roasted mango chicken. The Start of Something Big…This is the biggest mango I have ever seen. Rosie is addicted!

IMG_8249Our microwave internet tower stopped transmitting an internet signal…no connection to the outside world. I frantically unplugged cable wires and called our internet provider, who wouldn’t respond to my pleas for help. Rosie started calling me the crazy internet lady.

It is 100 degrees in the shade. I was frustrated and hot. The Start of Something Big…my frustrations melted away as we sat in our refreshing dipping pool, played Jenga, and drank mango smoothies. Rosie never wants to leave!

IMG_8257The Start of Something Big…Rosie and I watched a mother protect her new litter of yelping puppies in a brush pile near our house. Who can resist puppies? Rosie oohed and ahhed as Julio gathered the puppies in a sack and took them home.

IMG_8284The rainy season has begun. The Start of Something Big…the sunsets in the rainy season are spectacular. Rosie marveled at the contrasting clouds over the lake and now carries her camera with her everywhere. She’s fascinated by the constantly changing sunsets and snapped an endless stream of photos.

IMG_8313The Start of Something Big...Rosie begins to understand the satisfaction of living a simple life, uncluttered by constant text messages and untethered from a connection to the outside world. She is “getting” life in Nicaragua as she watched the women wash their clothes at the lakeside laundromat.

IMG_8317The Start of Something Big...after a week of no internet, it is finally repaired. It is time to leave our tranquil island of peace and show Rosie how the rest of Nicaragua lives. We are off the island and on our way to the big city of Granada.

IMG_8350We climbed the bell tower in the La Merced church to get a panoramic view of Granada. The Start of Something Big…Rosie is enthralled with Granada and can’t wait to explore the colorful streets.

IMG_8359The Start of Something Big…majestic Concepcion volcano looms in the background of Granada.

IMG_8375The Start of Something Big...”What a land of contrast,” she says. I can see the lure of enchantment in her eyes. Nicaragua is tugging on her heartstrings.

IMG_8373I am so grateful that I can show her the real Nicaragua, the real life we experience everyday, and the generosity and vivaciousness of the culture and especially the Nicaraguan people.

I know she will be back… it’s the Start of Something Big!

22 thoughts on “The Start of Something Big

  1. I am so enjoying your blog. I am sharing it with all my friends in California. Though it is making me home sick [it has been 30 years], I am looking forward to my return. Cheers!

    • Yes, Anita. I totally agree. Rosie is a keen observer and she has learned so many new things about traveling abroad in a developing country. I am so glad that I can share her experiences with others. And, I have missed you and reading your blog posts. Now that our internet issues are fixed, I have a lot of catching up to do. Hugs.

  2. This truly is the start of something big in Rosie’s life. Her photos will remind her of the amazing former teacher in her life who continues to share cultural lessons. Beautiful post, Debbie. 🗻

    • Thanks, Lynne. Although, I don’t want to scare her too much with the cultural lessons. For example, we were walking in the Granada market yesterday and she had her iPhone in her hand. I whispered in her ear to put her cell phone away because the market was crowded and it would be easy for someone to grab it out of her hand. Then, we are staying at a friend’s house and my friend warned her not to walk around in her bare feet because of scorpions. Poor Rosie! I hate to scare her too much, but those are the realities of visiting and living in a developing country.

    • Thanks, Z. It is GREAT to be back. I know you understand. We’re in Granada this week, and I went to the museums to see if I could find an artifact similar to the one I found on Ometepe. I found several faces attached to the sides of big pots, but the holes in the top of the face make me wonder if it was originally on a necklace. I need to find someone who is an expert on Pre-Columbian pottery.
      Yep, mosquito season has started. We’re getting lots of rain. Hugs to you and I hope you are fully recovered.

  3. I loved the vibrancy and colour of this post, and how well you conveyed Rosie’s initiation into a new world of senses, colours and experiences…during the joys of a Mercury retro week with no internet!

  4. Holy smoke – so to speak! That’s the best view of Concepcion from Granada I’ve ever seen. I’d suspect Photoshop but I know that’s not your style, Debbie. Must have been the La Merced vibes. Beautiful!

  5. What an honor for Rosie to have you open her eyes to a new world. What an honor for you to have a former student visit.

    Leah (retired Kdg. and Grade 2 teacher)

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