Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way Home

The Weekly Photo Challenge is On the Way. We’ve just returned from the USA…a wonderful visit with family and friends, but it is always GREAT to return home.

There are two ways to return to our Ometepe Island home. Sometimes we fly and walk to our house from the airport, but because we were returning with over 200 pounds of books and materials for my elementary school library, we took the ferry.

We usually see unusual things on our way home, but this was really unique. A circus was in town and the trainer took the elephant to the lake for a bath.
elephant in Lake

The anchor is pulled up, and we are off.
IMG_3694We had to ride the little launcha to the mainland to catch our flight and it was a wild ride. I hope the captain has the boat under control.
IMG_7721His compass is well-worn.
IMG_7724We are getting closer to home.  I love watching the clouds over our Concepcion volcano.
IMG_1604The dredger is digging a deeper path for the boats. Lake Cocibolca is a very shallow lake and needs to be dredged frequently. It makes me wonder how in the world they will dig a canal through our lake.
IMG_4961We’re almost home. Look at those outstanding cloud layers over Concepcion.
IMG_4998We’re passing our house. It feels so good to be on our way home!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way Home

  1. Hope you had a nice trip. Concepción has been upset you guys left him. He should settle down now that you’re back, but it seems like the whole cordillera is rumbling. I miss being there at its mercy. It’s spiritually uplifting.
    Un elefante en Ometepe, que cosa más rara, from India to Ometepe, a gypsitoes like you. I missed your posts. Welcome back.

  2. Love the elephant photo Debbie!!! How was your visit back? I’m sure it was lovely but also nice to be home! Looking forward to hearing more about your visit. 😊

  3. Welcome back, Debbie. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time as well as a successful book “round-up” . The volcano and clouds are a welcoming sight…the elephant an unexpected attraction. 🐘

  4. HAHAHAHHA..LOVE the elephant photo,,,,how funny!!!!!!!!
    I will be in Ometepe on the 7th of June,,,,,for 5 days!!!!!!

    Looking forward to my ,,,,adventure…
    Welcome back to your little slice of heaven!

  5. Wonderful photos. As for a canal through your lake — if they can dig a 40+ foot ship channel through Galveston Bay, I’ll bet they’ll pull it off just fine. As a matter of fact, I think they’re going to be deepening the ship channel. I’ll have to check that out.

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