Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate Fibonacci

The Weekly Photo Challenge is intricate.

I have always been fascinated by the complex Fibonacci numbering system found in nature. This intricate mathematical arrangement occurs everywhere.

When the spirals in my pineapple are counted, the two sets are found to be adjacent Fibonacci numbers.

The sunflowers in our garden have an intricate Golden Spiral seed arrangement.
IMG_4935In the seeming randomness of the natural world, we can find many examples of an intricate system of mathematical order.
IMG_4018IMG_7653IMG_5035IMG_1335IMG_0592Fibonacci can be found in conch and other shells.
IMG_2876And, I even found this intricate golden ratio in the armadillo that our neighbor’s dog caught.
IMG_1077As well as the scales on the boa constrictor that Ron pulled out of our neighbor’s kitchen wall.
IMG_2609The intricacies of nature have always aroused my curiosity. World Mysteries.

What intricate examples of Fibonacci have you found around your house today?

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate Fibonacci

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  2. Bringing in the Fibonacci sequence certainly makes this post intriguing. It’s certainly looking at nature deeper than just the beauty. Or it is the intricacy of its perfection that makes nature beautiful.

  3. Well, darn, I haven’t been Fibonacci-hunting yet this morning, but I did enjoy both your photos and your mathematical musings. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This sort of intricacy is why I have to believe in a Creator (not trying to start any arguments, just opining.) It’s beyond my imagination to think that all these things just somehow became so incredibly intricate on their own.

    Have a wonder-filled weekend!


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