Weekly Photo Challenge: Once Afloat

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Afloat. I am fascinated by what was once afloat and then drifted slowly to shore. I could be a beachcomber. I am a beachcomber because you’d be surprised at what I salvage from things once afloat!

I wanted to bring this driftwood back to Ometepe Island from the Corn Islands. It looks like a bear just coming out of hibernation. Too bad the airline restricts us to 40 lbs. This piece that was once afloat would make a great addition to my flower garden.


How about these tree roots? I wonder if the whole tree was once afloat. It reminds me of an old foot with varicose veins.

IMG_5175Two boats were once afloat off the coast of Corn Island. Notice the small boat in the background.

IMG_5097This is the medical panga from Ometepe Island. It was delivering medical supplies when it  capsized due to strong winds and high waves. Once afloat it contained boxes of medicines for the hospitals in Moyogalpa.

pangaThis boat was once afloat and full of thugs from Corn Island.

IMG_1804The raft in front of our house once afloat, until someone stole the barrels keeping the raft afloat.

IMG_5118An eerie little arm, once afloat. “Take me home,” said the arm. So I did.

IMG_5187What treasures do you find that were once afloat?

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Once Afloat

  1. Your thoughts about wanting to bring the driftwood home on the plane brought back a childhood memory. We used to vacation on a large man-made lake in upstate Pennsylvania. The stumps from trees would pop up now-and-then after years of submersion beneath the lake. This happened one year during our vacation. My mother fell in love with the tangled roots and convinced my dad that it would look fantastic in the garden. He dutifully hoisted the mass up out of the lake, and positioned the root ball in front of the family cache of luggage on top of the station wagon. We looked like a mighty moose hauling down the highways as we headed home. My dad had a knack for getting every thing but the kitchen sink to and from vacations!!!

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