New Regulations for Nicaragua: Mandarin Required

Breaking news! In a dramatic policy change, the legislative branch of Nicaragua, the National Assembly, confirmed today that Mandarin will become the official language of Nicaragua. An amendment to the Nicaraguan Constitution requires all foreign residents and nationals to pass a Mandarin proficiency test.

In expectation of thousands of Chinese immigrants entering Nicaragua to work on the proposed Nicaraguan canal, the spokesperson for the President of the National Assembly states that the rule change is a result of concerns that national and foreign residents will not easily assimilate into local communities where the Chinese immigrants will settle. Without a solid foundation of the Mandarin language, it will adversely affect the local populations.

In a prepared statement being distributed to foreign embassies, consulates, and the Nicaraguan embassy, as well as immigration offices in Managua, the National Assembly states, “We recognize that Mandarin proficiency will be a major predictor to adapt to Nicaragua and a new Chinese culture. We have become increasingly concerned about recent clashes between the Chinese and local residents. Language problems may be causing the clashes due to cultural differences and misunderstandings.”

The National Assembly statement continues,” It is our belief that all Nicaraguan and foreign residents wishing to stay in Nicaragua should assume the responsibility of learning our country’s new official language. Therefore, in the best interests of Nicaragua, all school texts will be reprinted in Mandarin, including official documents of the state, and all other documents. We believe that most current nationals and foreign residents will understand and support this position.”

In addition, the National Assembly statement says, “You are encouraged to learn and practice Mandarin. Soon, all local media sources will be changing their formats to the Mandarin language. We understand that this transformation takes time. Therefore, you will have six months to become proficient in Nicaragua’s new official language.”

Residents and citizens who do not pass the beginner’s Mandarin test the first time, can retake the test twice. Those who don’t pass can voluntarily move to Costa Rica or be deported to the country of their choice at their expense.

Below is the practice test for Mandarin Chinese proficiency. Are you proficient?

Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test

This new regulation is effective today, April 1st, 2015. Happy April Fool’s Day.
Daily Post: Fool Me Once

30 thoughts on “New Regulations for Nicaragua: Mandarin Required

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  2. My local Chino store here in Pedasi has already begun making us learning Chinese to buy our groceries. They need to provide a cheat sheet with phonetic spelling, won’t hold our breath that they do that. ;>}}

  3. HMMMM…. is this an april fools joke???
    i think a better idea would be this ,,,the Chinese have to learn spanish , as well as the Nicaraguans learn Chinese ,
    then everyone would be able to speak ,,in both languages! YEAH,,,!!!!
    good luck with this idea!!!!

    • Heidi, and let’s add to your list that foreign residents have to learn Spanish, too. It always bothers me when foreigners move to a Spanish speaking country expecting everyone they encounter to understand English. My Spanish is pitiful, but at least I try.

  4. A similar proposal was circulated here with an official looking seal saying that all ex-pats would have to pass a Spanish proficiency test or face immediate deportation at their own expense. It got many ex-pats very nervous and up in arms until the April first date was noted.

    Still it does cause one to pause and realize that our new country’s governments can (and have) change rule on a whim.

    • I read that proposal on an Ecuador forum, too. I had to laugh because some foreigners were so outraged that they planned to sue the authors of the online magazine. Jokes like this play on our fears. At least it exposed our need to attempt to speak Spanish in a Spanish speaking country.

  5. NICE TRY DEBBIE. THE CAPITAL WILL BECOME NEW BEJING. :0) ometepe’s ancient volcanoes will be renamed “mei lui and mei wuan”. You are a hoot.

    Val from Paulding County Georgia On Apr 1, 2015 8:11 AM, “Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua” wrote:

    > Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua posted: “Breaking news! In a dramatic > policy change, the legislative branch of Nicaragua, the National Assembly, > confirmed today that Mandarin will become the official language of > Nicaragua. An amendment to the Nicaraguan Constitution requires all foreign > resident”

  6. My mouth is agape, and I am speechless. My thoughts, however, are careening out in many directions. Of course there are conflicts between the locals and the workers, and they’re based on fear of losing their country, their land, their jobs, their culture. This confirms that it’s happening.

    When I reached the end of your post, I cried. Some people are gifted with languages and some are not. This is going to be difficult for all. I brace for the uprising.

    Sending my sympathies,

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