Weekly Photo Challenge: A Fleeting Life

“There is no tomorrow..it is always today. Tomorrow is the fleeting and minute distance..between hope & once more..once again!”
― Victoria June


The Weekly Photo Challenge is ephemeral. Photography reminds me of life. You have to catch it when you can, for it is fleeting and illusive.

In the adult stage, a butterfly lives approximately 3-4 weeks and the female only mates once in her lifetime. I imagine that observing mating butterflies is a short-lived experience, so I had to catch it quickly.

butterfly sex

The clouds parted as we flew over Volcano Maderas reminding me of life’s ephemeral pleasures.

lagoon in MaderasIn Granada, a horse-drawn hearse passed by reminding me to live life to its fullest, for life is fleeting.

IMG_5242 “Human says time goes by -Time says human goes by” ― Anonymous

Life is just a party…and parties weren’t meant to last. Enjoy it now.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Fleeting Life

    • Thanks Anita. We saw the hearse pass by empty, then the people gathered at the cathedral, they loaded the coffin, and the procession began with a lively band. At first, I expected a very solemn procession, but the band was playing a jazzy number and the people danced a reserved jig behind the hearse.

  1. Debbie, these are all such good examples of fleeting moments. I particularly love your first picture of the butterflies. Beautiful. The anonymous quote rings true. We humans always want more hours in a day.

  2. Debbie, another great post with exceptional pictures to boot. My name is Ernesto and I am a Nicaraguan expat in California for many years, longing to return to my origins with my beloved Chicago-native wife in tow. Feeling a bit guilty to have enjoyed your gypsytoes historias y exquisito gusto detras de ese viewfinder of yours. Every picture of Ometepe you post and I intensely look at make my heart raise with joy, envy, and longing for my Punta Pinuela, where my soul resides. I thank you for providing a much appreciated link to our paradise. I enjoy your blog immensely, and wish to email you and share a bit more “off line”


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