Reflections on Corn Island

“Life is like facing two mirrors at each other: there is no beginning, there is no end. Just the beauty within the reflected infinity”
― Michael Biondi


Last week was our second time to fly to the Corn Islands. We were hoping to visit Little Corn Island this time, but it wasn’t in the cards. The winds were ferocious and it rained on and off all week making the thoughts of a long panga ride to Little Corn Island one big vomit fest. I opted out of that adventure, and a good thing I did, because we heard that a huge wave attacked a man riding in the front of the panga. He was thrown to the back of the panga…breaking his back!!! He had to be flown to Managua by helicopter.

We stayed with friends who have a beautiful house on Big Corn Island. Late one afternoon, we took them to Martha’s Restaurant for dinner and I walked around a pond where I took these reflections of the trees in the water.

Did you ever wonder if the person in a puddle is real, and you are just a reflection of her? That was one of many strange reflections I had as I peered into the water.

Reflection must be reserved for solitary times, when I can indulge in the delight of weird, joyful, or unpleasant recollections.

IMG_5121The reflections in the pond were the landscape’s most exquisite features. It was like gazing into the depths of Earth’s eyes…into Mother Nature’s soul or into a forest far below the surface.

IMG_5123I reflect on how all life goes outward, inward, and onward at the same time. Nature has no boundaries.

IMG_5135Bewilderment and wisdom increase in the presence of reflections. The watery ghosts of aquatic mollusks show themselves without prejudice to your humanity.

IMG_1647I pause to reflect, “Is the outer world a reflection of our inner selves?”

IMG_5117My solitary walk around the pond gave me time to reflect on many things for like Michael Biondi says, “There is no beginning, there is no end. Just the beauty within the reflected infinity”

“It is necessary … for a man to go away by himself … to sit on a rock … and ask, ‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?”
― Carl Sandburg

Yep, Carl, I agree wholeheartedly.

13 thoughts on “Reflections on Corn Island

  1. Love the first one and the one of the conch shells, Debbie. Your reflective thoughts were lovely and I really liked the quotes. Pangas and rough water don’t mix as you aptly indicated.

  2. Loved your photos. We visited Big Corn Island for the MONTH of December, 2013 during lobster season which, along with the swimming was the highlight of our visit. Unfortunately, we hadn’t anticipated the heavy rains and wind and a month was much too long on this remote island for us. However, it did teach us that a Caribbean paradise is ideal for short visits only! Anita

    • A month? We were there for a week and we ran out of things to do. 🙂 The sea was rough and it was difficult to snorkel because the waves stirred up the sand making it too cloudy to see anything. Did you visit the cultural center? Oh my! I have to write a post about that crazy place. We read a lot of books while waiting for the sea to calm…which it never did. You were so lucky to be there during lobster season. We’ve just missed the season by a week…two times, now.

  3. Typical for the Claro, the images did not load.. but untypical, the text did, as did the comment box! Yay, I can at least send a smoke signal! I’ll be back to enjoy the images when I am using faster internet.

    Glad you didn’t take that panga! z

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