Weekly Photo Challenge: An Artist’s Reward

The weekly photo challenge is: Reward

The Solentiname Islands offer a communal space for artistic expression and spiritual discovery. In 1965, Ernesto Cardenal, a Nicaraguan priest and now-famous poet, established a religious community on the Solentiname Islands.

Cardenal invited a respected painter from Managua to teach painting techniques, while encouraging individual thought and style. This gave way to a widespread fascination with art. Entire families started painting in a style known as “primitivist”. This art drew upon popular Central American imagery such as Choretega and Nahuatl Indian weavings and painted gourds.

IMG_7188For years, my bucket list included visiting the artists on Solentiname Islands. Last week, I was rewarded with a very special visit to the Solentiname Islands and the artists who live there.

IMG_7120Margarita has painted for over 30 years. She told me that she was allergic to oil based paints, and recently switched to acrylics.

IMG_7123She paints a delicate Ora Pendula nest in the branches of the gently swaying palm tree.

IMG_7119Natural light filters through her open window.

IMG_7117Margarita’s paintings are world-famous. It was such a treat to visit with her. The long boat ride to the primitive Solentiname Islands and visiting with a beautiful artista was my grandest reward.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: An Artist’s Reward

  1. I love the art style that was developed and is such a part of the culture. It has stood the test of time and endures. How very special that you could finally visit this island community, Debbie.

    • Lynne, I am just tickled pink..and yellow…and blue…and red…that we finally were able to visit the Solentiname Islands. 🙂 It isn’t an easy place to visit, and there was no cell phone service or internet, so it made me a little nervous because our son was on a bicycle tour and I wanted to stay in touch. But, it was worth the effort and Cory had a wonderful 422 mile bike tour through Florida to the Keys.

    • I wish she could see this post, but the Solentiname Islands don’t have internet, electricity, or Nicaraguan cell phone service. They are actually closer to the Costa Rican border and several people have smart phones with CR service, so they can access the internet. They all have solar panels and that was the only way I could charge up my camera and my cell phone. This archipelago is far removed from civilization.

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