Survival of the Fittest: February 2015

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ― Charles Darwin


The Fuego y Agua Survival Run is over until next February. Every year, we volunteer to help at the aid stations for the races. 45 Survival runners line up to register for the race. How many will finish? Their motto is:

“Hold up your right hand and repeat after me: “if I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault.”


Survival runners are colorful and unique.
IMG_6306Look at his magnificent red hair.
IMG_6307 The Bobbsey twins entered as a team.
IMG_6317My daddy is racing! Go, Daddy, go.
IMG_6324The Survival racers and staff check their equipment before the big 80K race begins.
IMG_6325Hmmm…a Survival racer in a kilt?
IMG_6336Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes.

They interview Mark before the Survival Run. He looks determined. Will he finish the grueling race?
IMG_6343The backpacks are reloaded and they line up at the starting gate.

IMG_6346Repeat after me, “if I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault.”
IMG_6352And they are off! The cutoff time is 30 hours. They will complete many strenuous challenges, while racing up and down Maderas and Concepcion volcanoes. Along the way, they will receive 4 idols, with the words I. Did. Not. Fail. on each volcanic carved idol.

“The objective of this race is to strip you of all comforts and to put you in true Survival mode. The obstacles/challenges are natural and based on the daily survival of the local culture on Isla de Ometepe.” Fuego y Agua website

How many finished? Stay tuned for the results.


6 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest: February 2015

  1. That is quite a challenge – 80k ultramarathon in tropical conditions. Ouch…BTW, that guy with the kilt might have been a participant in the Kiawah Island Marathon back in December. That would have been a mere warm-up for this event 🙂

    • Both, Nicole. Our local racers have been in the top 3 finishers every year. This year, there were many Costa Rican runners who participated, especially in the 25K, 50K, and 100K. My neighbor, Julio, placed 4th in the 50K and Johnson, placed 3rd in the 100K. There were over 300 runners from around the world, many from Canada and the U.S.

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