Weekly Photo Challenge: Scaling Volcanoes

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Scale


Welcome to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. The island where hundreds of tourists scale the volcanoes yearly.

Where the sunsets are spectacular spectrum of light and dark.
IMG_6137Where the moon rises in a pecking order over our active volcano.
IMG_6252Where helping hands link in a towing progression. The launcha tows another launcha to shore.
launcha towing launchaWhere collecting wood for the daily cooking fire is done on a large-scale.
IMG_5034Where the proportion of teeny blossoms that grow into chocolate pods is small…our cacao tree is blooming.
IMG_6214Where Hurracas rule the treetops. IMG_6261Where the diversity ranges from cloud forests to jungles and one can swim in a dormant volcano crater at the top of Maderas volcano.
IMG_6279Or, as is currently happening this weekend, where hundreds of runners from around the world race 80 kilometers up and down both volcanoes for 30 hours…ranking themselves in the order of strength and endurance.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scaling Volcanoes

  1. What a great post on scale. You covered it all. What an incredible race you help with. If it were the states, Johnson’s boss would have bought the running shoes for him and given him the time off…maybe. Hope all goes well and safely for the runners.

    • Unfortunately, Johnson won’t be competing this year. He had to work in the tobacco factory when the Survival Run took place and his boss wouldn’t let him take off that day. He thought he would compete in the 100K tomorrow, but he needs new running shoes and he wears a size 13…impossible to find in Nicaragua. So, our neighbor, Julio is racing in the 50K tomorrow and Johnson will go with him to cheer him on.

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