Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth of Love

The weekly photo challenge is depth.

“There are not enough days in forever to allow me to fully express the depth of my love for you.” ― Steve Maraboli

Nicaraguans love their pigs. Petunia gave birth yesterday. These photos show the depth of love sows, kids, and piglets can give.

Issac takes a wild ride on Petunia.

The first piglet is born. “Are you my mommy?”
IMG_6205Then there were six! “Got milk?”
IMG_6209Giving birth is hard work. “Just let me rest for a minute or two.”
tired Petunia“I love you, mommy. Rest now, and we can play later.”

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth of Love

  1. I’m behind and trying to catch up. So glad to see this post. What a smile it brought to my face. Reminds me of our goats giving birth and I’d find a newborn snuggled in bed with the kids.

  2. Totally adorable! We had a pig when we were growing up in the Philippines that knew how to open the screen door and go inside our home. He knew that he could “bump” the door with his nose, and once it bounced open, he could push his head and go inside. They are smart.

      • I know what you mean…Filipinos love piggy dishes, chicharron and all (I wrote a post about it and vegetarians find it a challenge to find food without meat there, especially since pork meat is in many dishes —even sauteed vegetables will have little bits of pork.)

        But that particular pig my sisters and I refused to eat…probably not a good idea for little girls to name pigs that will end up being roasted for a party (we did not know this at the time!).

  3. What a cute set! I’d love it if you’d include “Weekly Photo Challenge” in your tags (and if others would as well.) If I only have my phone, I tend to use the reader and if there’s no tag like that, “Weekly Photo Challenge” won’t bring up the photo. Just a suggestion, because it’s hard to go back and forth between pingback tiles and reader. The tiles don’t always change color if I’ve accessed the blog through the reader.


      • I didn’t. I only started using the reader recently, but you have to put in tag names and unfortunately, if you go to the post via the reader, the pingback tile doesn’t change color, so you never know if you’ve been there or not. But I think a fair number of people use the reader, so it makes sense.

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