10 thoughts on “This Land is for All of We

  1. Have to agree with Jon above. It is the turn of those that have the economic clout on a given day. Where does the UN figure in all this? Nothing really changes does it?

    • Madhu, one thing I don’t understand is the silence. So far, no one is taking this seriously. Either that, or like you say, those who have the economic clout are the ones who are likely to gain from the Nicaraguan canal. Construction on the ports and the roads is to begin in 6 days. Over 15,000 Nicaraguans have been certified to work on the canal. Yet, as of today, there is no heavy equipment in the country, nor have any Nicaraguans been hired to work on the canal. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens. Maybe they will just go away!

    • John and Susan, I think a Nicaraguan lawyer is trying to do this. I can’t get involved because I am a guest, here. But, I read and scan the internet daily for articles, videos, etc. concerning the canal. The Chinese are supposed to start construction in 9 more days. Who knows?

    • No question this is heartbreaking and the result of greed. But especially given the history of how western cultures and governments have treated indigenous and Nicaraguan people, from Columbus to Oliver North, I’d suggest we need to be careful about describing any particular group as soul-less.
      But it does seem like the current “Christian Socialist” Nicaraguan government has sold part of their soul. Whether enough pressure can now be put on them and the Chinese investors/government to change this course is the question? But this video and other human stories of the impact are good steps.

      • I suspect that the key to this will be what Ortega decides to do to protect his and his families position. This whole mess appears to be his trying to replace his Venezuelan oil deal which has pretty much evaporated.

        My take on this is that he and his cronies just didn’t expect how the majority of Nicaraguan’s where going to be affected nor how they would respond. Can he keep a lid on the turmoil that’s just starting or will he be forced to walk away from the deal? If there is a serious threat to his position and control over Nicaragua then watch him do an about face. If he doesn’t then his days in control could be coming to a close.

        • I wonder those same things, Fred. I read in La Prensa today that a journalist from Belgium was detained and held in Managua. He was in El Tule on Dec. 21st, taking photos of the protestors. The military police held him overnight in Managua, and they took over 10,000 euros of his equipment…cameras, tripod, computer, etc. He said they went into his hotel room in Rivas and helped themselves to whatever they wanted. Then, he was deported. This is not the first case of a foreign journalist being harassed by the military police. I think there are better ways to promote the Nicaraguan Canal project that bullying innocent people. It sickens me.

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