Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

The Weekly Photo challenge is Angular. Angular can mean acting or moving awkwardly.
It certainly applies to our active volcano, Concepcion, when she was inundated with 15 inches of rain overnight on October 8, 2014. In her wake, she left villages destroyed and huge angular cuts in her once smooth body.


You can’t get more angular than this poster in our Ometepe Island protests against the proposed Nicaraguan Canal. What really is China’s angle?

IMG_5242How about an angular vortex from Big Corn Island, Nicaragua?

IMG_4031Welding our tall water storage tower.

IMG_2549Our angular pineapple is almost ready.

IMG_1993The window cleaners at Vivian Pellas hospital in Managua. This angle makes me dizzy.


27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

  1. The picture of the vulcano is amazing – I assume it was covered with green before? It must have been terrifying to see all of that mud flowing everywhere and covering everything in its path.
    About China – you may be interested in reading a new book called “China’s Second Continent” about Chinese business practices in Africa. Nicaragua would be wise to avoid finding itself in a similar situation.

    • Annette, thanks for the information. I have been researching everything I can find about the canal since all our media sources in Nicaragua are controlled by the government. I tried to find information about the Chinese business practices in Africa, especially Tanzania. This will be very helpful.
      Our volcano has always been green and lush near the bottom, but at the top nothing can grow and it’s dangerous walking and climbing. The rains gouged deep crevices, and the landslides washed away several villages. Tragic!

    • Oh, we have had a lot of wakes recently….literally. Maybe I should write a post about wakes? Thanks for the link. My question is what in the world are they going to do with all the dirt they remove? Put it in the lake? I’m so furious! This whole canal mess is ridiculous. Call Superman, now! hehe. Actually, I was looking at drones for sale yesterday. I thought I could get some great aerial photography of the construction. Then again, I thought I had better not because an expat U.S. journalist was “detained” last week by the Nicaraguan military and spent 2 days in a “migration hostel” in Managua for taking photos and videos of the proposed canal route without government permission.

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