Ometepinos March Against the Canal

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Over 2,000 people attended the march against the canal in Moyogalpa, Ometepe Island on Saturday, November 15, 2014. When I filmed the march, it surprised me that there were less people in attendance. The last march against the canal drew 4,000 people.

It wasn’t until the march was over that I learned of military tactics to prevent hundreds of  people in buses and trucks from attending. They were detained at check points along the main road from Altagracia by the Nicaraguan military.

There has been a lot of “detaining” lately in Nicaragua. After the first protest march on Ometepe Island, the ferry was detained for 20 minutes by the Nicaraguan military. I know of several other situations where people were detained in Nicaragua because of taking photos of the canal route, or simply trying to fish off the coast of Ometepe Island.


The Nicaraguan people are very patriotic and many of them feel that their country has been sold to the Chinese by President Daniel Ortega. Their love of their country was displayed in full-force through their chants, their banners, and their waving flags.

The following photos were taken by Rich, and he graciously permitted me to share them with you.

“Daniel Ortega believes in conquering the island of peace,” said Mena.
banner 1The voice of the town is the voice of God.
Protest bannerDaniel Ortega is equal to that of Roya, Ebola, Chichungunya, Cancer.
spiderman?Daniel Ortega, we are against dredging. Do not make Lake Cocibolca into a sewer. ( At least that’s what I think this sign says. The spelling is not correct.)
Ortega signYoung, old and everyone between joined in the march.

Ever and his mother

Ever and his mother

Ever waving his flag

Ever waving his flag

children march with their families

children march with their families

a lovely woman in purple

a lovely woman in purple

Then, she had to eat an ice cream cone.

Then, she had to eat an ice cream cone.

The Nicaraguan flags waved in the windy chants of the protesters.

flags in the marchflags waveIn the morning before the march, Ron and I attended an excellent presentation about the Nicaragua Canal Project by Nicaragua sin Heridas. The presentation began with the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote I posted above. I knew we were in for an educational treat after I read that quote in Spanish. I’ll post my report about the meeting, soon.


18 thoughts on “Ometepinos March Against the Canal

  1. Sooo…
    Do you have any advice for expats considering Ometepe Island or lakefront/view property in the Rivas area? Would you suggest to wait until there are more definitive answers? Do you believe this will dive property and cost-of-living prices up or down or neutral?

    • Trevor,
      My advice is to wait before purchasing any property on Ometepe or the Rivas area. We have no idea what is going to happen. Right now, it is impossible to purchase land on Ometepe or in the Rivas area because the government closed the office in Rivas where properties are registered for tax purposes. I heard the Rivas department office of the DGI is closed until February. I don’t know why it is closed, but there are many rumors.
      I wish I could tell you what is going to happen, but I hate to even speculate on property values.

  2. Thanks for the update, Debbie. Even with the delays, I hope attendance picks up and surpasses the first protest, if they continue with them. The papers will play havoc with weak numbers.

    • Fantastic! Thanks so much. I couldn’t translate this sign. Now I see that contaminado is one word, not two. I thought it said something about against mining. lol This is so funny because Ortega said the lake was polluted and a canal wouldn’t make any difference.

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