Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

The Weekly Photo Challenge is achievement.

We are preparing for the 4th Annual Fuego y Agua Survival Run on Ometepe Island. Every February, we follow the runners up and down both volcanoes and through jungles. It is a grueling race and most do not finish. However, for those who do survive and finish the race, it is an incredible achievement.

Last February’s course for the Survival Run.
survival run course map copyThroughout the course, the runners have to complete many obstacles to receive 4 metals.
I did not failJohnson, our local runner, is hard to beat. He won the Survivor Run two years in a row.


Last February, 47 runners started the race, and only three finished. The winners all received devil masks.

Johnson and the devilJohnson had his hair cut in the shape of our two volcanoes.

Johnson's haircutBen, the second place finisher’s feet during the race.

IMG_1369Always expect the unexpected at the Fuego y Agua Survival Run. February 2013, they raced with live chickens.

chickens at starting line copy Learn more about the remarkable achievements in the Fuego y Agua races.

Are you ready to compete?

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