Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Minimalist. I do a lot of volunteer projects on Ometepe Island, and I find that the simple pleasures we share are the most meaningful.

I was working on setting up the new elementary school library the other day. Edwin was helping me and he proudly displayed his missing two front teeth.


When delivering supplies to the indigenous community of Los Ramos, which was destroyed in a landslide, this lovely grandmother gave me the biggest hug!

a grandmother of Los Ramos copyI made cupcakes for my neighbors. Braydon’s first taste of icing was delightful.

IMG_2103We went to a major league baseball game with our taxi driver, Francisco, and his family. I bought Junior some candy and he gobbled it all up.

IMG_1141This simple lock on a door, demonstrates how many times it had to be replaced and repaired. Nicaraguans always repair, and seldom buy new if they can repair it.

IMG_1113I found this once well-loved doll in the garbage behind a house. I’m sure it has a story to tell.

IMG_0895I am a collector of Pre-Columbian artifacts and pottery, which I find on Ometepe Island. This devil’s head must have a fascinating story.

IMG_0676I saved the best for last! Sharpening the machete. Without the machete, Nicaraguan economy would never survive.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

  1. How are you, Debbie? I must say, these photos are stunning–especially the faces! Goodness, my friend! Question: did you need a machete to fashion you “satellite dish?” LOL

    I’m trying to get my butt back in the saddle. I did manage to post something a month ago, but have been busy teaching workshops, looking at self-hosting my blog and writing my memoir (yes, I’ve been doing that), but I will make an effort to get something new out this week, including photos of our new home. Sorry to have been absent of late.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Oh, Kathy! I’ve missed you! So glad to hear you have been busy with exciting things. I can’t wait to see pics of your new home.
      I have been totally stressed with everything that has happened on Ometepe recently. Landslides, the police took my new dune buggy for a joy ride and crashed it into a tree, making a new elementary school library in my community, and the worst of all…the Chinese have been measuring land for a giant tourism resort on the island. I’ve always been an activist, however, the proposed Nicaraguan canal is overwhelming. I am so frightened for the people of Nicaragua. We are all on pins and needles waiting to see what is going to happen next.
      So wonderful to hear from you. You always bring a little bit of sunshine into my life.

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