Travel Theme: Numbers

“[When asked why are numbers beautiful?]

“It’s like asking why is Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you don’t see why, someone can’t tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren’t beautiful, nothing is.”
― Paul Erdős

Weighing fruits in a market in Mexico



The license plate from an antique car of my father-in-law
IMG_0604_1I must remember this number for a house we liked in Panama

IMG_1119While waiting for a bus in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I ran into a casino and played one quarter, and returned to the bus with THIS.
IMG_1346An espresso maker for sale in Nicaragua
IMG_2099Wanna buy a gun? My Nicaraguan friends couldn’t believe the prices and availability of guns in the U.S.
IMG_4355The price of a box of Gallo Pinto in Food City in the U.S.
IMG_4341I hit the Jackpot in Reno, Nevada.
IMG_4789At the Equator in Ecuador
IMG_2589A globe of latitude and longitude
IMG_2591The winning time in the Fuego y Agua Survivor Run on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.
Take a look at more number travel themes for this week.

Do you have a favorite or lucky number?

10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Numbers

  1. Great examples of numbers and their impact. My absolute favorite (after the colorful market picture) is the money you won with a quarter! You are one lucky lady…glad you walked out of there with all that money instead of trying to win more and losing it all again.

    • Sometimes I feel like I was born under a luck star. 🙂 It didn’t take me long for my jaw to return to normal, but Ron’s jaw was out of alignment for a long time when I showed him what I won while we were waiting at the bus stop. Jeje
      For the past two days, it’s been sunny and humid. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rainy season is over. My thoughts this week have not only been with helping Los Ramos, but thinking about how Ortega has sold Nicaragua to the Chinese.
      Yesterday, over 4,000 people protested on Ometepe against the proposed Nicaraguan canal. The people are ANGRY. The Nicaraguans have been told that they have until Dec. 5th to leave their land…thousands of people. I am terribly afraid for Nicaragua. I don’t know how to help fight this battle. We need some BIG POWERFUL people outside of Nicaragua to help. Sigh!

      • hmmmm…. maybe your luck will keep rolling forward.. mine certainly did when i arrived pedernales around midnight last night (via bus).. no taxi in sight, and as i headed for a mototaxi, i heard, ‘lisa?’

        someone from jama was there to meet his daughter, and 45 minutes later we were in jama sweet jama!

        maybe superman will come soaring overhead to the rescue!


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