Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Cover Art.

I just returned from the vela (wake) of my 82-year-old neighbor, Don Jose. If I were to write a short story about velas and funerals in Nicaragua, I would use this photo as my cover art. It demonstrates simplicity. Nicaraguans appreciate and understand that death is another way of bringing forth the light.

Bringing Forth the Light: The Nicaraguan View on Death

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

    • Thanks, Lisa. It was a beautifully simple vela. I took lots of photos for Don Jose’s daughter, Luvy, because she lives in Costa Rica and she just had a baby so she couldn’t come until she got a passport for her baby. I wanted to make her feel like she was with her papa.

  1. This is a beautiful photo, and I also loved the others you posted in Facebook. It looked like such a simple but thoughtful and beautiful ceremony. How is Marina? She spent so much of her time taking care of him, this is going to be a big change for her, and an empty spot in the whole family.

    • Kris, Marina’s house was draped in lace and white sheets, covered with bouquets of flowers from our garden. It was so beautiful. Marina’s daughter, Gloria, is staying with her in the evening. Gloria tried to convince Marina to move into town, but Marina won’t leave. Gloria hired a woman to wash all the clothes in the house, and yesterday Marina and I were both crying seeing Don Jose’s clothes drying on the barbed wire fence. Marina is a strong woman. She will be OK because she has the support of her family and friends. Thanks for thinking of her. I’ll tell her you you were thinking of her.

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