We Must Be Living in a Vortex!

“I hate to say this,” said my attorney as we sat down at the Merry-Go-Round Bar on the second balcony, “but this place is getting to me. I think I’m getting the Fear.””Nonsense,” I said. “We came here to find the American Dream, and now that we’re right in the vortex you want to quit.” I grabbed his bicep and squeezed. “You must realize,” I said, “that we’ve found the main nerve.””I know,” he said. “That’s what gives me the Fear.”

Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Chapter 6, A Night on the Town…p. 47-48

I think I’m getting the Fear. Last night there was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in northern Nicaragua, near the border of El Salvador. My cat, Queenie, tried to warn me. I’ve heard that animals are sensitive to movements of the earth. Queenie was exceptionally persistent in rubbing against me and kneading my belly. I thought she just wanted fed.

“What’s wrong with you tonight?” I asked as she dug her sharp claws into my stomach. “Do you miss your brother, Black Jack?”

I fed her and hurried into the bathroom, so she could not follow me. Sitting on the toilet, I heard a loud boom, followed by the toilet shaking. Everything began to sway…the light dangling from the bathroom ceiling…the keys in the locks…the open bathroom door.

At first, I thought that our active Volcano Concepcion had erupted, or Robinson had sacrificed the Chinese to the volcano goddess. Yesterday, he posted that the Chinese arrived on Ometepe again. I told him to take them on a courtesy tour of the landslides…if he would be so kind…because the mud and rocks are still rolling down the volcano creating more havoc with the already nervous residents.

plastic helmets copyTim Rogers, of the Nicaragua Dispatch says, “Sandinista journalists protect themselves from the threat of aftershocks with plastic helmets, which double as Family Fun Size Sunday dishes as the Sandino Soft Serve.”

It has been a wild ride here lately. We must be living in some kind of vortex. Last night’s earthquake hit a main nerve. Plus, it rained steadily the entire night. I’m not quite sure how I should feel…depressed? angry? fearful? For now, I think I’ll stick with hopeful and humorous because in the land of the not quite right…there’s not much else we can do but laugh, step over the boulders thrown in our path, and try to maintain our shaky balance.

The sun is out this morning…finally. It’s a good day to wash my mildewed clothes. Poco a poco life will return to some semblance of normal in our unbalanced and off kilter world.

18 thoughts on “We Must Be Living in a Vortex!

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  2. saw it on the news this morning and was hoping u guys fared ok…….i am from the east coast of us and were often hit by unexpected hurricanes……..some people thought they were scarey…..i always saw them as a new adventure…….(they meet at howard’s bar on ocracoke island, close the shutters and have a hurricane party)….i sense that spirit in u guys……ur heart is there for a reason……..glad to hear that ur ok….looking forward to visiting that part of the world soon.

    • Thanks, Rick. Four years ago we were on Wild Dunes, in NC for the wedding of my nephew, when Hurricane Earl hit. We hunkered down, and still had a wonderful wedding and reception. You gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂 Life will get better…if it every stops raining.

  3. You’ve certainly been slammed with more than your fair share of environmental rock and roll lately and I have to admire your courage to keep on keeping on and doing what you can for those around you when they’re in need. For most of the time I’ve lived in California this time around things have been eerily quiet on the earthquake front, but Mother Earth appears to have awakened this year and is letting us know in no uncertain terms what she thinks of us humans and our attitude towards her. We’d do well to pay heed, I think and keep exploring ways to work with, rather than against, her!

  4. Debbie-
    My thoughts went straight to ones of you when we heard this news story. Earth shaking is an unsettling feeling… finding humor is a good remedy. But, also have a plan in mind ❤ … keep that little vehicle on alert, perhaps?

    You gotta know where you're a gonna go if the volcano blows… (variation on another Buffet…)

    Stay safe, my friend-

    • Funny, Jane, I’ve been humming Jimmy Buffet all day. We just got our orange dune buggy fixed, and it’s ready to go…hmmm…but I think our kayak may be a better choice if the volcano blows. Thanks for your support and concern. It’s wonderful to know we have many friends that are sending loving thoughts.

  5. “The land of the not quite right” is appropriate, Debbie. I admire how your rational side is winning over the fearful side.Thoughts and prayers for all of you. Like Jimmy Buffet says, “if we don’t laugh we go insane.”

  6. i saw the earthquake notice and thought of you immediately.. saturated soils, landslides and then a huge earthquake? i expected to see news of more landslides, and i am glad you are located where you are…

    nice post, amiga.. shows your grit and courage and determination and your ability to “keep your head while all about you are…”.. you and ron fit well as examples of kipling’s ‘if.’


    • Thanks, Lisa. Geez! The only thing left is for the volcano to erupt! It’s been a wild ride. I started a donation page for the community of Los Ramos and in 2 hours I’ve received $325. I am so grateful to be able to do something to help this loving community.

    • Feeling helpless is a horrible feeling. I’d rather find something to actually DO and laugh about, than feel helpless. It was a good day today. I started a donation page for the community of Los Ramos, and my mildewed clothes are washed and hopefully dry. I have to go out with a flashlight to check them…I totally forgot about them hanging on the line. 🙂

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