Help Los Ramos Rebuild

I talked with Ever Potoy today about his lovely community of Los Ramos on Ometepe Island. Because of 5-6 landslides, their community was destroyed. I am sick with worry for this community and I want to help them rebuild.

“Ever, what can we do to help?” I asked.

“We need candles and food,” he responded while on his motorcycle going to get some supplies.

That’s just like these humble, hardworking people to respond with such simple needs.

So, if you can find it within your loving hearts…let’s buy these people lots of candles and food within the next two weeks. Thanks for your help!

Help Los Ramos Rebuild

If you would like to learn more about this amazing community, here is their website.
Los Ramos

16 thoughts on “Help Los Ramos Rebuild

  1. Hola, I came across your blog while googling and trying to find news / info on the recent events in Ometepe. My husband lives in Moyogalpa and I was quite worried, thankfully he and his general surroundings were ok compared to other parts of the island. I fell in love with Isla de Ometepe on my 1st trip and it stays with me a little more after each visit. It is a wonderful place with wonderful people (Don’t even get me started on the Canal project). The photos of the recent devastation were hard to see. When I recognized some of the places and streets, it hit home even more.

    I have heard good things about Puesta del Sol, their home stay programs and community involvement. I will definitely make a donation via the web link mentioned. I’ve seen some pretty interesting things transported in very interesting Nica ways – buena suerte with the piggies y chickens! My next visit will be the 3rd week in Dec, if you need me to bring something I’ll do my best to make it fit. Maybe we could meet for a great cup of cafe at Finca Magdalena, I love this place. I look forward to your next post !


    • LD, thank you so much for your support and loving kindness. After visiting Los Ramos yesterday, I was awed at the faith and fortitude of these wonderful people. I appreciate your comments so much. There is very little in the news about the Ometepe landslides. It’s going to be a long time before this community can rebuild. We will definitely have to get together when you come in December. I’ll continue to be the roving reporter and spread the news. 🙂

    • Rebecca, thanks for your loving comments. We are almost at our goal of providing temporary relief for the families of Los Ramos. By the end of this week, I’m going to go on a wild shopping spree. The donations will buy many bags of beans, rice, other food, and candles. They lost all their animals, too, so I’m going to restock them with live chickens and piglets ( and food for them, of course, too). It’s going to be a crazy day. I don’t have a clue how to transport live chickens and piglets. But, I’ll be sure to post pictures. 🙂

      • Debbie, I have a neighbor with a large flatbed. When you need the goods transported give me a call and I’ll arrange delivery. I’ll be in Nicaragua Friday.

        • Brian, you are awesome! Thanks for the offer, but I’ve lined up transportation for Friday, hopefully. We’re going to pick up Ever and take him shopping. He’s canvasing the 110 families who live in Los Ramos to see what their specific needs are, then we’ll go shopping on Friday.
          They still have to walk in and out of Los Ramos, so I’m going to see if it’s possible to pay some of the strong men who live in the community to dig out the road. I may buy some shovels, too.

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  3. Reblogged this on FindingMySelfinPanama and commented:
    Hey Dear Readers- These folks who just suffered a big hit from the landslide are hurting…. but they don’t ask for much, just food and candles.

    If you care to donate to help these folks in need here is the site – just click on the words Help Los Ramos Rebuild. I clicked and donated, it’s easy! A BIG SHOUT OUT to Deborah Goehring for getting the donation thing going.
    ANY amount will be appreciated. Thanks for caring.

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    When disaster strikes, the world needs to pull together. My Panamanian friends are doing what they can to help their fellow man. Please read and forward the info on. All help is appreciated!

  5. Reblogged this on The Panama Adventure and commented:
    Our friends on Ometepe really need your help! Some have lost everything. Deb lives on the island and is organizing resources to help them through this crisis. Any amount makes a difference, even a bag of beans or a few candles. Deb loves these people and will use every penny you can give to directly help those who need it most.

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