What Really Matters?

“As one old gentleman put it,  “Son, I don’t care if you’re stark nekkid and wear a bone in your nose. If you kin fiddle, you’re all right with me. It’s the music we make that counts.”
― Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


I am ready to make some music…either that or get stark nekkid and wear a bone in my nose.  We’ve been home a week, and in that time…

  • Our cat, Black Jack, almost died from a urinary track blockage.
  • The police confiscated my new-to-me little orange dune buggy, took it for a joy ride and crashed it.
  • Our lawyer said we have a problem with the title to our property on Ometepe Island…which always involves lots of money.
  • The city put in a new high pressure pump and it blew out some of our water-lines.
  • Ocho, our other cat, was AWOL for five days.
  • The Chinese are measuring property near our new airport for a resort. WE LIVE NEAR THE AIRPORT!  I think it goes along with their plan for the proposed Nicaraguan canal.
  • The library at our local elementary school is ready for me to set-up. HHI wants to return to film us for the library’s grand opening in their new show, HHI, Where Are They Now?
  • And…and…I’m sick. It must be stress related.

So, I have to ask myself…What really matters? If I don’t, you’ll probably find me stark nekkid, running around my yard with a bone in my nose.

                                   Five Things that Really Matter to Me

  • Laughter!
    I have to laugh a lot at the bizarre things that happen here. The police said they hit a dog when they took my dune buggy for a joy ride…insert belly laugh here…because the truth of the matter is that they didn’t know how to drive and they hit a tree.

    It's fixed and better than new!

    It’s fixed and better than new!

  • Unconditional love!
    Did you know that pets can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and add to your life in innumerable ways? With three cats and a five month old puppy…all rescue animals…we have been blessed with unconditional love. We’ve done everything possible to help Black Jack recover from his UT blockage. I hope he’s on the mend, but I feel good knowing that with the limited resources on Ometepe Island, we have overcome his bout with the blockage. Have you ever had to insert an IV in a cat for 5 days? Ocho returned after his five-day vacation. He’s been telling us all about his adventures in cat talk…and I think we understand. Seriously…it’s easier than trying to understand rapid fire Spanish.

    Black Jack is resting comfortably.

    Black Jack is resting comfortably.

  • Letting go gracefully. All things have their time.
    Honestly, what can I do about the Chinese measuring property on Ometepe Island? Maybe…just maybe…it will all work out for the best. I was upset about our new airport, and it has been a wonderful addition to our island. Who knows? The Chinese may build a beautiful eco-resort near our place, and make improvements to our electricity, our roads, and our internet connections. Plus, maybe they will give jobs to our local islanders so they don’t have to go to Costa Rica to work. Our neighbor, Julio, works as a security guard at our new airport. It’s a perfect job for him, giving him an opportunity to improve his life.We took our dune buggy to Punta Jesus Maria yesterday. It is a gorgeous point of land. This may be the place the Chinese are most interested in building a resort.

    Punta Jesus Maria

    Punta Jesus Maria

  • Cultivating compassion and empathy. I do this for myself and all other living things.
    I am grateful for so much in my life and it is very important for me to pay forward the gifts that I have received throughout my life. If my life were to end tomorrow, I can say that I have lived a full life with no regrets.
  • Cherishing my family.
    Next Saturday, Ron and I celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary. We’re in it for the long-haul. My family matters the most to me. We have shared our joys, our sorrows, our frustrations, and our passions together. I can’t imagine life any other way.

My blog is very therapeutic for me. In writing this, I already feel better. It sure beats running around the yard nekkid with a bone through my nose. It’s the music we make that counts.

What really matters to you?





21 thoughts on “What Really Matters?

  1. You make me smile and laugh, Debbie. You know how to balance it all out and turn lemons to lemonade. Change is inevitable and I know you’re weighing the pros and cons with the resort possibility, but the canal issue is something else. Congrats on 39 years and to think you have spent ten of them on Ometepe. Do I have the number correct?

    • It’s more like turning gallo pinto into something tasty around here. 🙂 Lynne, we came to Nicaragua the first time in 2003 to deliver school supplies. Then, we moved here in 2004 for a year. Then visited several times a year when we returned to the states to prepare for our final move. We moved here permanently in 2010…so yes, it has been ten years. My, how time flies.
      As always, I look forward to your comments, Lynne. 🙂

  2. OMG! Congrats on your 39 years. i’m sure you’ll mke it to 40 and beyond. My husband and I have been together 39 years also and we’d like to kill each other. I have no idea how people make it to their 50th wedding aniversaries. I’m happy both of you are on the same page. We are far from it most of the time.

    As far giving IV’s to cats, we’ve done that with both our boys who ended up dying of kidney failure at age 18 and 19. All of our cats have been adopted and I think it’s wonderful you’ve adopted animals to give them a better home than what they maybe would have ended up with.

    I would also be wondering about the Chinese involvd in that canal.

    Hope you had a great vacation.

    • Haha, Sunni! We’re not always on the same page…many times we are on completely different books! But, it makes life interesting…and full of compromises.
      Marriages are a work in progress, right?
      I have been reading about UT infections and blocks in cats. It appears that they strike male cats, particularly black cats. I have to change the dry food to wet food for my 2 male cats. I can’t buy canned cat food here, so it’s a production to make them breakfast every morning. Now, the biggest thing is to get Black Jack to eat. I’ve been feeding him broth with a syringe. Geez! What we have to do for our pets. Which, by the way, the Nicaraguans look at me with curiosity.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Sunni.

      • Oh boy have we been there – in two different books. I’ve done a lot of syringe feeding over the years too with my cats. As they get older they need more care and of course we step in and provide it the best we can. So there’s no canned food for cats at all there? That seems odd to me, but i’m sure you’re home prepared is better. I know this is a lot of work, but worth every minute. Dry food is better in a lot of ways because it cleans their teeth as they eat. I hadn’t heard that about UT infections and blocks in cats, especially black ones. That is interesting. I know you have to watch the ash content in food for cats, especially males as it can cause problems ater in life. I’ll have to look into that. I have a male black kitten.

  3. I hope that when I move to Nicaragua to retire I will do it with the grace, caring, patience and humor you bring to your own life. You are still a teacher, just in a different way now.

    • Awww… how sweet. But, even teachers lose patience. Sometimes, life reminds me of trying to drink pinolillo through gritted teeth….the national drink that I can’t stomach. Occasionally, it gets messy and the corn meal gets stuck between my teeth. Thanks, Claire for your kind comments.

  4. the chinese on ometepe? i disagree with the whole canal thing. Let’s leave Nicaragua alone.. for ecological sakes… The chinese already ruined the beautiful Island of Jeju in South Korea.

    • That’s right, Anita, I’m working at taking it all in stride. It’s been an overwhelming first week home. I’m a fast learner…but, sometimes all I can do is laugh at the ridiculousness of all the bombas thrown at us at the same time. It’s been a bombardment in the land of the not quite right…but, I hope we’re on the up-swing, now. 🙂 I always look forward to your comments. Thanks my friend.

  5. Well when it rains, it pours! Chaos is always cyclical, in my experience… I hope the serenity returns soon!! And holy smokes, 39 years!! Congratulations, that’s wonderful :). Looking forward to following all your posts!

    • Thanks, Rebecca. Yep! Holy smokes is right! We were high school sweethearts. I can hardly believe we’ve been together more than we’ve lived apart. Next year will be our 40th year sharing our lives together. We’re going to have to plan something very special.

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