Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs of Nicaragua

You know you’re in Nicaragua, when you see signs like this….

Gotta find the baño quickly?
You can take your cell phone with you to the women’s room.

Maybe you need a haircut?

IMG_4777Or some really HOT new-to-you American clothes?
IMG_4743Looking for a hotel?
IMG_4695Or, maybe a bad girl?
IMG_5365Need to find a restaurant on a surfing beach?
IMG_5358Sorry Swindlers! This house is NOT for sale!

But, this house is for sale, and a poet was born here.
IMG_5454Oh, no! This is not a good sign! Our construction worker can’t multiply.
Gillermo's multiplicationI’m hoping our neighbor is peace-loving with this painted sign on his tree.
IMG_3109Here’s my sign for the world’s greatest Steeler fan.
IMG_3529What kind of signs represent where you live?

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs of Nicaragua

    • Thanks, Kris. Actually they were taken all over Nicaragua. Some in Selva Negra, Esteli, Playa Gigante, Matagalpa, and Granada. Keep your eyes open when you return because there are some crazy signs around. I had many more, but my internet was acting up yesterday, so I only posted a few.

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