Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Lights

We just returned to Ometepe Island from a marathon of airports…18 to be exact. In two weeks! I enjoy taking night photos, and I had plenty of time riding red eye flights across the U.S. to snap a few good shots. Let’s light up the night sky together.

Leaving Los Angeles at midnight, the lights in the city of angels were mesmerizing.
We arrived in Los Angeles during a full moon. In the past two weeks, I landed and took off from Los Angeles 3 times!
IMG_4146Reno night lights from our hotel room window.
IMG_4761From a roof top in Quito, Ecuador we marveled at the display of twinkling lights.
IMG_2401In Banos, Ecuador, we were greeted with neon church towers from our balcony.
IMG_2824Cuenca, Ecuador church towers are a beacon of light in the old town.
IMG_3054At my brother’s house in South Carolina, a fountain eerily lit up the front of his house.
IMG_0470Yet, there’s no place like home…under a full moon.
IMG_3609Where devils dance in the middle of the night.
Johnson and the devilWe’ll leave the light on for you…just in case you’re afraid of the dark.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Lights

  1. Oh, Debbie. I love how you wove all this together. But the picture that grabs me the most is your home shot under the full moon. 18 planes is a little daunting but those aerial night shots are beautiful.

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