Weekly Photo Challenge: True Grit

Our visit to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and Reno has been a vacation of  endurance.
Arriving in Yosemite National Park to visit our son and his fiancé, firefighters used natural barriers of granite walls to help contain 4,500 fire affected acres. Yosemite has backbone!

Yosemite has withstood fires for thousands of years. It is the land of true grit!

IMG_4526In fact, some pine cones need fire to pluck their seeds because the seeds cannot germinate unless a fire burns away the outer part of the cone. These pines have spunk!

IMG_4510Quaking Aspens in Lake Tahoe endure carvings in their beautiful bark.
IMG_4717Yet, they are always watching persistently!
IMG_4720There was a huge fire in Tahoe, too. We couldn’t see the lake until the next day because of all the smoke. Then, on to Reno where it looked like the beginning of a nice day from our hotel window.

IMG_4767Later that day, another giant fire spread smoke into Reno. This is the same view out of our hotel window. Will Reno endure?

IMG_4769The smoke filled our lungs and burnt our eyes. It was impossible to venture outdoors. Resigned to the casinos, WE ENDURED!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: True Grit

  1. Yes, when you posted on your bblog that you were going to Yoseimte I was thinking, “what a bad time because of all the fires.” Of course one never knows when there will be a wildfire. I’m glad you’re still enjoying amd getting some nice pics.

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