Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

Another great photo challenge today.

Ron and I will be on the road again for the month of September from our volcanoes to the grand mountains of Yosemite National Park. I won’t be posting often, so while you are waiting, please enjoy some of my past adventures living on an island in the middle of a sweet sea, in the middle of Nicaragua, in the middle of Central America.

Life on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua is always an adventure.

Volcan Concepcion




22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

    • Thanks John and Mary! We’re in Managua right now and leave early in the morning. A meteor fell very close to the airport last night! Incredible. There’s a fire near the Yosemite Valley. So, please keep your fingers crossed that our plane isn’t struck by a meteor and the fire in Yosemite is contained.

  1. It is hard to pick a favorite, Debbie. They are all beautiful. Enjoy your special time with your son and your Yosimite adventure. Ron and I are in Paris right now. He is participating in a photography work shop and I am gladly tagging along.

  2. These are gorgeous! My son has a friend coming over tomorrow from school who is adopted and from Nicaragua. He checked out a book at the library on Nicaragua all on his own which I thought was so cute! I hope you can do next week’s challenge. Big surprise!!!! Guess who will be the host? 🙂

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  4. I was going to start listing the ones I liked best but the list got too long for me to remember. I do like the hint of the rainbow in the fourth. Have a grand adventure in Yosemite. I know I’ll see photos of your trip here.


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