Weekly Photo Challenge: When Life is Frayed

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Fray.

What do we do when our lives are frayed and seem to unravel before our eyes?
We search for the worn and frayed cords that bind us to life.
IMG_3368We unravel our nets slowly and meticulously.
IMG_3365Then, we patch the holes from which happiness escapes.
IMG_3370And life sends us on our merry way.
The big shrimp boat copy

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: When Life is Frayed

      • good morning amiga!
        i spent one more night at the hostal and made a lot of progress – sending promised photos to people, etc..

        good news – a project across the river (out of sight but closer than town) will be installing a satellite internet system and when that happens, you and i will be able to talk on skype – WITH VIDEO – or i can write a wordpress post in an hour instead of an entire day, etc etc.

        of course that might happen in the year 2016 – one never knows, but there’s hope!

        heading home in a few hours… back to turtle pace..


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