A Tribute to the Street Artists of Ecuador

A Tribute to the Street Artists of Ecuador


The eyes of street artists


perceive the world through a childlike innocence…
IMG_2868or through the eyes of their creators.
IMG_2850Street artists display their concerns for unjustified conflict…
IMG_3018always trying to right the wrongs and seek resolutions.
IMG_2420 Street artists seek refuge in the few places of tranquility left in our troubled world…
IMG_2866or they seek places of power such as the equatorial center of the earth.
IMG_2590They tell stories of their professions…
IMG_2865their heritage and culture…
IMG_3023their loves.
IMG_3065Their stories are everywhere.IMG_2409Go tell it on the mountains…
IMG_2860the cities…
IMG_2469on every blank wall…
IMG_3022Because…they will come…they will look…and they will pay forward your street stories to the world.

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Street Artists of Ecuador

  1. Some of these almost remind me of Frida Kahlo’s work, especially the first one. We never ran across street art while there, but these represent a freedom of artistic expression. Very nice, Debbie.

    • Lynne, I am fascinated by the street art, and it was everywhere in Ecuador. I lost my little memory card. It popped right out of my tablet, and I think the hostel cleaner swept it into the trash. I was sick, because that card had many of my street art pictures on it. I’m not familiar with Frida Kahlo’s work. I’ll have to do a search.

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