Weekly Photo Challenge: Zig Zag

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Zig Zag.

Unexpected turns zig zagging through the city of Quito, Ecuador led us to a unique and surprising basilica. Also known as “La Basilica,” “Catedral Consagración de Jesús” or “The Basílica de San Juan,” it is the largest of the neo-gothic basilicas in the Americas.

Still unfinished, the residents of Quito believe that the day the basilica is completed, the world will end. The urban apocalyptic legend exemplifies the intrigue of this church, which comes from its neo-gothic architectural style and art display.

Zig zagging and meandering around every crevice and corner, armadillos, turtles, dragons, birds, iguanas, monkeys, and caymans, illustrate in a not so humble way, this apocalyptic legend.

Do these stone monkeys’ irregular stances seem to invite welcome in the passerby or ward off evil?


This bird seems to be deviously protecting her nest.
IMG_2432And what about this fire breathing dragon? Is something askew here?
IMG_2435Iguanas snake the facade of the basilica. They don’t look too friendly to me!
IMG_2447Do Anteaters lean toward Catholicism?   Now, they’re kind of cute and not very scary.
IMG_2439But, this big fellow looks like he’s waiting for lunch! Look at those jagged teeth.
IMG_2440Happy, whimsical turtles flex their muscles. They don’t appear to be threatening.

Genuflecting penguins?
IMG_2467Osos… tilting bears. Lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY!
IMG_2441So, you decide. Zig zagging around the basilica, do you think these Gothic creatures are welcoming our souls, or warning us of an impending apocolypse?

49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zig Zag

      • Great! Can’t wait to read your posts!!!! Yes, time has a way of running away from us! I can’t believe we only have two weeks left before school starts! It makes me so sad. I love summer and this one flew by, especially since I was gone for a lot of June.

  1. What a great collection. I don’t feel particularly spiritual looking at them, just glad they are stone and not real! They may be extending a welcoming paw, but I don’t see any smiles! 🙂

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