Casita de Tortuga

Our Casita de Tortuga is clean and ready for more friends and family. We originally built the main structure with a small bedroom on the second floor and the bodega, or garage below. Then, our son and all of his friends came to visit and they had to come to our house to use the bathroom.

We needed another bathroom…and quick! Unable to build a bathroom on the second floor, we decided to build a small addition behind the bodega structure. Afterthoughts are never good, but we made the best of it.

We had planned on making the new addition into a small living area with the bathroom, but then if someone had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, they would have to tramp down the stairs and unlock the door to the living area. Never a good idea for those in a hurry!

Instead, we converted the downstairs living area into a guest bedroom. The upstairs is now my art studio, with a single bed and everything I need to paint. That is…if I ever find the time to paint. Retirement keeps me so busy.

Here’s our new PVC pipe trellis for the grapes. Now, all we need is more rain. It is horribly dry for the rainy season in Nicaragua.

With our new airport now open, you can watch planes land and take off from the casita window. Since we are conveniently located to the airport, Ron said, “Why don’t we open a little bed and breakfast?” My response is, “Not, yet.” It’s always, “Not, yet.”  I never had the dream of opening a bed and breakfast in retirement. It sounds like more work to me.

Maybe someday, I’ll consider it. But for now, I’m just grateful for another bathroom for my friends and family.

9 thoughts on “Casita de Tortuga

  1. What would we do without extra bathrooms. You’ve really created a lovely casita for guests, Debbie, plus art space for you. Cheerful colors. A bed & breakfast sounds like work.

    • Yes, you do Steve. I was thinking about an expat house swap the other day. We are leaving for the states to visit our son in September, and blogging friends of mine that live in Panama are going to house sit for us. Now that we have 3 cats and a puppy, we just can’t leave our house. I think an expat house swap is ideal because expats understand the challenges of living abroad. Most expats are risk-takers and love to travel. I’m going to look into this. Maybe we could house swap sometime.

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