Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

The  weekly photo challenge is containers. Here are a few of my favorite containers from our recent trip to Ecuador.

Bahia Caraquez was building a new apartment complex…then the mudslides and earthquake hit. Now, it’s been abandoned.
IMG_3578What do these pinatas contain?
IMG_3106IMG_3050This pen contains a whale of a tale.
IMG_4574A wall in Cuenca contains ancient artifacts.
IMG_3084The Quito sculpture contains cute kids.
IMG_2634IMG_2633The botanical garden pitcher plants know how to store their water.
IMG_2674Finally, this dormant volcano stores fluorescent water.
IMG_2780I’m trying a new way to post my Weekly Photo Challenge on the WordPress Daily Post. Before I had any pictures uploaded, I had 3 likes? What’s up with that? They were liking a blank page. Crazy.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. ha! those instant likes probably came through via reader..

    the pingbacks are irritating and are a bit like cheating.. why would someone spotlight a post if they’ve not even looked at it? …. because many times the pingback draws more people to their site and runs their stats higher….

    i loved seeing so many familiar images, and i was pleasantly surprised when they all loaded..( i am still having trouble loading a ‘new post’ page! ) (i’ve sent this about five times, and each time it bounced to a blank page… if there are more than one, please trash them! )

  2. Love your containers for this weeks entry Debbie! I’m thinking about what I will use for my entry right now. 🙂 how did you do your post? I’m curious what your new entry method is!

    • Ok, Nicole. I hate to admit that I’ve been trying to be first on the photo challenges, but it’s never happened. I had everything all ready to go when the post came in…then my little puppy had to go out and pee. 🙂 Anyway, this is my crazy way of thinking. They’ve changed the Daily Post and hidden the comments. I used to post a comment, then when my post was ready, I’d reply to my comment. But, now, it seems like more people go to the bottom of the page and click directly on the blogs. It really is much easier. That way, you don’t have to go through all the comments. Plus, the ping backs turn orange, so you know which blogs you’ve looked at. So, last night, I was thinking how I could get my ping back to show up first at the bottom of the page. Silly, I know…but it was a challenge for me and I like challenges. So, I wrote the title of my post, then these words…”I’m working on a new method of posting my weekly photo challenge. Check back in a few minutes if you don’t see my post.” When the challenge arrived, I included a link to the Daily Post, put the word Container in my title, and published it. Blank page, no pictures. I got 3 likes on my blank page. Jeje. Then, I could go back and edit my post, include my photos and update my post. Crazy…I know. You’re probably laughing, but sometimes when there are a huge number of blogs for the challenge, my post gets lost in the middle somewhere. It’s really fine if you laugh. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new technology lately. I think it keeps my mind stimulated. 🙂

  3. Yeah… It seems like some people just like in the hope to get a click. In my case it sometimes happens, that a post having more then 1000 words gets a like 10 seconds after I posted it. But my number of clicks I get on my blog did not even increase…

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