Off the Island: Tasting Flight

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”― Leonardo da Vinci


How true! I love flying. When I was a teenager, I took flying lessons. I regret that I didn’t finish my lessons because we had to make an emergency landing near a corn field. Scared me to death! I’ll leave the piloting in the hands of a fearless and competent person.

But, now that our new La Paloma airport is open, I am thrilled to share photos of my inaugural flight Off the Island: Tasting Flight.

I could have walked to our new airport, but it was a very hot day, so Ron delivered me to the custom’s house on our moto.

Basking in the air-conditioned waiting room, I watched the air traffic controller raise the curtains in the tower to safely guide the plane to our island of peace.
IMG_3620De Plane! De Plane!
IMG_3625The aircraft marshallers don sparkling new reflecting vests, fluorescent beacons, and acoustic earmuffs.
IMG_3628I hop on board tingling with excitement…camera ready.
IMG_3631Rising and falling with the still spaces in the air…pockets of turbulence bounce us around like ping-pong balls in a soup can. Trying to steady my camera…I snap our airport from above. “Francheco’s house used to be right down there,” I say out loud. The other six passengers must think this is my first airplane flight. I’m trembling with delight.
IMG_3640The patchwork of fields encompassing Concepcion and Maderas volcanoes should be green and thriving with frioles, rice, and plantains. Instead, I see the barren and drought like conditions of El Niño. The farmers are waiting for rain to plant their crops.
IMG_3643Our sweet sea is coming into view.
The ferry slides along the surface of the sweet sea like a water strider.
IMG_3650Our house is off the photo on the bottom left. I’ll have to wait for my return flight to take an aerial shot.
IMG_3651A rainbow greets me as we fly past Ometepe Island.
IMG_3655What’s the flight plan? It looks like we will soon fly over Zapatara Island.
IMG_3661Zapatara Island looks like a majestic osprey from my perch above.
IMG_3667 Laguna de Apoyo shimmers in the late afternoon sun.
IMG_3683The Masaya volcano continuously emits smoke and sulfuric gases. Long ago, human sacrifices appeased the devil, who resides here.
IMG_3700Red and white, hot tin roofs dot the landscape as we descend to Managua.
IMG_3712There’s my hotel for the night.
IMG_3716From now on, my eyes will forever turn skyward, for I have experienced the thrill of flying over Ometepe Island, and forever long to return.

14 thoughts on “Off the Island: Tasting Flight

  1. In November we sampled Little Corn, Granada, and Ometepe. You recommended Finca Magdalena and we loved it. My travel partner hiked up/down Maderas, and I am now smitten with all of Nica. Val & Margarite

  2. amazing an very kewl an ya know ya can aleways take flying lessons still 🙂 neva too old top fly 🙂 take care …what a wild volcano all the time spewing what a trip. 🙂 thanks for sharing another place ill prolly neva get to visit ! 🙂 but would love to …

  3. Deb! That airport with the volcano on the back ground looks kick ass, it is definitely Nat Geo style

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