Weekly Photo Challenge: A Little Something Extra

This morning I had to make a quick trip to the mainland to get our new puppy his serum vaccines. Boarding the Estrella ferry, I always notice a little something extra on the deck in addition to passengers. Usually there are bags of live chickens, buckets of cooking oil, heavily tied feed sacks containing mysterious things that bump and wiggle inside the sacks, and tattered boxes containing who knows what.

Today, I encountered a little something extra…coffins! Twenty of them surrounding the deck of the Estrella. Now, I don’t know whether there was an epidemic at the Rivas hospital and the coffins contained contents I’d rather not think about, or the coffins were empty and sailing to Ometepe because of an epidemic on our island. Either way, it kind of freaked me! There’s always a little something extra, usually odd and bizarre, when traveling the sweet sea.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Little Something Extra

  1. nice take on the theme! i traveled through train only once in my life.. and that was because the train also carried my grandfather’s coffin. 🙂

    • I asked my neighbor why there were so many coffins on the ferry. She told me that 10 people died in May during the time we were in Ecuador. I guess they had to order more coffins from the mainland. Kinda scary! I don’t know why so many people died, but maybe it wasn’t unusual because we have no newspapers or obituary notices on Ometepe and no way of knowing how many people die on la isla. Well, that’s not entirely true…the local church bell tolls in the community when someone dies and there’s Norman and his big speaker truck that wanders the roads blaring the announcements.

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