The Grand Opening of our La Paloma Airport

“All journeys eventually end in the same place, home.” ― Chris Geiger

I’ve taken pictures of our La Paloma airport strip on Ometepe Island for over ten years (See the links below). It came as no surprise when we were traveling through Ecuador, that I received a notice that our new airport opened. It was finished in 2012. We waited so long, we actually forgot about it, even though it is located two properties away from our house. That’s Nicaragua!

Can someone please post pictures of the grand opening for me? I posted on Facebook. Sadly, no one except for important dignitaries from Managua and Ometepe Island were invited. Our house sitters heard the party, but they thought it was a religious parade. That’s Nicaragua!

Not to be left behind, I’m flying out of our new airport to Managua next Sunday. From Managua, I’m flying to the states for my mother’s birthday. When I return, I’ll fly from Managua back to Ometepe Island and walk home with my backpack. Convenience at its best.

photo by La Prensa

photo by La Prensa

La Costena
operates the flights to and from Ometepe Island. The flights leave and return on Thursday and Sunday. A one way ticket costs $50, which is cheaper than my usual $60 taxi fee to Managua, plus the cost of the ferry to the mainland. It sure beats an hour’s ferry ride and a two-hour hot drive to Managua. The biggest plus is that you can book online.

We’ve watched the planes come in and take off on Thursday and Sunday. The noise is minimal. It’s not at all what I expected in living beside an airport. I want to take the kayak out on Thursday to get pictures of the plane arriving from Managua.

photo by La Prensa

photo by La Prensa

I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures of my inaugural flight. I’m so excited. If anyone is planning a trip to Ometepe Island, be sure to check out the flight schedule of La Costena. You can really walk to our house from the airport!! I’m going to have to start advertizing our casita for rent. Within walking distance of the new La Paloma airport.

All journeys eventually end in the same place…home! Absolutely true in our case!

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From the New York Times

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20 thoughts on “The Grand Opening of our La Paloma Airport

  1. Deb, I just saw a commercial that wealth tv is going to air an episode on Nicaragua and Ometepe Island, that airport is gonna busy soon

  2. I just checked the La Costena website and it is $65 one way with $18 service charge = $83 and $100 RT with $18 service charge = $118 But it still would be worth it if your schedule would permit the connection.

    • You’re right, Dean! I bought a rt ticket, so that’s why it was $50 one way for me. Thanks for clarifying it. Now, I need to find a connection that will take me to the states, same day. No such luck, yet. I have to spend the night in Managua going and returning from the states.

    • Lynne, I’m hoping that it will be a positive addition. It will only bring 24 travelers to the island per week, so it’s a small laid-back airport. Thanks for your thoughts. I am so excited to fly out of our new airport, and especially knowing that I can walk home.

  3. you will stay booked if you offer your casita!

    yes, at fifty dollars, that’s a great option! i think most of the costa rica commuter flight prices are over one hundred dollars…

    the kayak photos will show a great view!

    enjoy your trip to the states.. when is her birthday?

    • Z, I can’t wait to take pictures from below the plane as it swoops down from the lake onto the runway. I keep saying that I’m going to list our casita on airb&b, but it’s always…OK, I’ll do it when we return from a vacation..or I’ll do it once we have the wi-fi installed. Ron thinks I just don’t want to rent it, and maybe he’s right. 🙂 My mom’s birthday is June 19th. I try to fly back every 2 months or so because she has dementia and I’m not sure how much longer she will remember who I am. Dementia is a horrible disease.

        • thanks, z. This video is amazing. There is a music therapy program at her memory care center. I was thinking of buying her an ipod with headphones, but she wouldn’t be able to figure out how to turn it on and it would be constantly misplaced. You are sooo sweet for thinking of her! Hugs!

        • yes., the music factor is very interesting; i’ve been ‘watching’ this for a few years, and it looks like it might one day be a major way to slow the degeneration… maybe you can experiement with her w/some headphones while you are there and see what happens!

  4. Too true. I remember the long cab ride. And the lovely ferry. It’s about time! So look forward to the convenience next I visit.

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