Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Juggling

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Split-Second Story. “Attempt to capture a candid moment in time,” says Shane.

We just returned from a month in Ecuador. I feel as if I am adroitly juggling…coping with an attack of millions of aquatic gnats called chayules…organizing and unpacking my little treasures of seashells, colorful textiles, Panama hats ( really they are made in Ecuador…more about that later) and thousands of photos…balancing my need for sleep with my frustrations of a painfully slow internet. But, it is comforting to be home to sleep in my own bed…to cuddle with my cats…to catch up on the latest news…to be surrounded by faces and stories that are familiar.

While in Ecuador, traveling along the spine of the Andes, there were jugglers at every red light. Some were disguised with elaborate costumes of angels, devils, and clowns. In a split second, they shuffled sharp machetes, bowling pins, glowing balls, and in one case, swords of fire. Their skilled acrobatics amazed me! The timing was perfectly matched to the length of the lights, then they would hustle through the clouds of exhaust to collect coins for their performances. It sure beat the red light vendors in Nicaragua. They hawk windshield wipers in the rainy season, and clean the car windshields in the dry season.

IMG_2406Hang in there with me, my friends. I have many new stories to tell…some split-second stories, some more lengthy. First, I have to clean millions of chayules from my house. They smell like fish, but at least they don’t bite! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Juggling

  1. ah, you have my sympathy on the slow internet. sometimes my email inbox doesn’t totally load, so i can see there’s an email from someone, but it won’t open! ditto for like and comment buttons, or the comment rolls around and throws on brakes and won’t speak for me!

    the most-recent tour group left the hotel an hour ago here in canoa, and i’ll be heading home to jama soon. first will be a little time online before going home on the river! you’re right, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s…..


    • Z, I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and meeting you! My internet is faster this morning, but we’re going to have a satellite tower installed so it will be consistently fast. Enjoy your time at home. Ron’s making me picture frames for your prints. They made it home safely tucked in an aluminum foil box we bought at Tias. lol

      • great solution for transporting the artwork! it’s going to be great to see your posts, and you’re going to be in heaven when your new internet system is in place. i look forward to hearing how the sat system works!

    • I wish I had gotten more photos of the jugglers. They were amazing. I’m trying to catch up on reading blogs, but my internet is too slow to load photos. I especially wanted to see your blog of the children of India! Sigh! Maybe tomorrow it will be faster.

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