Anchored to La Isla

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― Augustine of Hippo

IMG_2027One of the main reasons we retired to Nicaragua is because it is centrally located and only a two-hour flight to Miami. Our original plan was to build a house on Ometepe Island and use it as a home base allowing us the freedom to travel the world and return to our inexpensive boomer nest when our gypsytoes ached for the comforts of home.

Four years ago, we were saturated with travel plans. My bucket list included trips to Australia and Antarctica…the only two continents my gypsytoes have never touched. Yet, even the best laid plans get waterlogged. We had houses to build, pets to rescue, Nicaraguan culture to assimilate, elderly parents to visit, a thriving tropical garden to tend, and libraries to build.

We’ve created another monstrous anchor! Lately, we’ve resorted to taking separate trips back to the states because someone needs to tend to our lives on Ometepe Island. Sigh! We needed to find a solution…a way to travel without worrying about our comfortable boomer nest on our oasis of peace.  Our gypsytoes were itching for a new experience. Our lives were stuck in one page of a book.

Enter the wonderful world of house sitters who will enable us to untether our lives…cut the umbilical cord…open new pages of our lives. We’re off to Ecuador for the month of May. Our gypsytoes are tingling with excitement! We found reliable, experienced house sitters who will tend to our cats, our garden, and our lives on Ometepe Island. And the best part…it’s FREE!

Please be patient with me as far as my blogging goes. I’m not taking my Macbook  because it’s too heavy and it contains my whole life. We’ll be traveling on many buses throughout Ecuador, and I don’t want to take any chances of having my laptop stolen or destroyed. Instead, I’m going to buy a cheap tablet in Liberia, Costa Rica before we fly to Ecuador. I have my iPhone…but it’s so tiny. I’ve never used a tablet, but I’m confident that I’ll get the hang of it and hopefully I’ll be able to write a few posts when wi-fi is available.

I’m confident that this trip will reignite our passion for travel, enable us to view the world with eyes without borders, and give me an opportunity to take some colorful photographs in Ecuador. I hear the markets are a feast of colors.

The only thing I won’t do is eat another guinea pig! I had my fill of guinea pig in Peru!

If you are interested in house sitting for us next time, all you have to do is ask! I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this new-found freedom. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Anchored to La Isla

  1. It’s so easy to become enmeshed in accumulating both possessions and responsibilities. So far we’ve avoided it during our travels and we even housesit from time to time! Too bad we’re not in Nicaragua anymore so that we could volunteer to housesit for you and return for another visit to Ometepe. Enjoy your journey… Anita

  2. I really like that it’s two weeks with no post which means you are actually on vacation. Congratulations, you deserve it! I’ll be on my vacation trip when you get back so hope you both have fun and look forward to visiting with you in a few months.

    • Ha,ha Brian. I kind of feel like I’m playing hooky from school. Plus, I bought a tablet in Costa Rica before we flew to Ecuador and I don’t have a clue how to publish a post on my blog. I met a blogging friend in Cuenca this morning and I am meeting 3 more bloggers when we travel to the coast. This has been a wonderful vacation, but I’m missing my home and my cats. Have a great time on vacation. I’ll see you when you return.

  3. Debbie you stated that you have your whole life on your Macbook, I urge you to get (if you don’t already have) an external hard drive to back up your priceless information. Enjoy Ecuador, I turned a few pages there spending a year of my life in that country…

  4. Hey Deborah,
    That travel quote is one of my favorites! I put it on our tshirts when I took students to England, Ireland, Wales, and France. It is so true. Maybe my family can help you house sit one day once we get down there! Can’t wait to meet you and to read about your adventures in Ecuador. I am trying to plan a South American trip for us in a year or two when the kiddos are a tad bit older. Would definitely love some tips. Safe travels!

  5. Good for you!! The only problem for me with houssitting is that I don’t get to see those gypsytoes!! I only use my tablet, I never even touch a computer, so once you get the hang of it you may just enjoy the ease of such a nice small devise! Although I do use a wireless, bluetooth keyboard for writing my blog. The touch pad keyboard on the ipad just doesnt cut it for typing a lot. Safe travels mi Amiga! Cheers!

    • Haha! Holly, maybe we can start a new profession, like swapping vacation houses. I’m sure there are a lot of expats like us that are anchored to their expat homes and would like to travel more. Hmmm…I may start a new Facebook Page for this idea. I only wish that when I was in the states I would have bought a tablet. It’s really difficult to find a good, cheap tablet here. Liberia, CR has an inexpensive ASUS MeMOpad HD 7″. The reviews look good, but it would not be my first choice. I’ll buy this tablet on Wednesday, and if it gets stolen, damaged, or lost…it’s no biggie. Then, next time when we go back to the states, I’ll buy a better tablet.

      • I love the house swat idea. I’ve read about people doing it and always thought it was a brilliant idea! I have to tell you I just Love my ipad, I know its the pricey tablet but you already use a mac so you’d be familiar with many of the features already. And I will personally come give you a lesson !!! The wordpress app on the ipad works great for blogging. But I’m sure whatever tablet you end up choosing will work great as well, I’m just such a huge ipad lover! Hah! two more days till your trip!!! Whoohooo!!

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