Plentiful Puppies

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Last night, on Earth Day, Ratonita ( I named her because she is a great rat catcher in our garden) gave birth to four puppies under our brush pile. At the same time, our neighbor’s other dog was giving birth to four puppies in his Sugar Cane field. Tyler, the macho father, has produced more puppies in our neighborhood, than I ever thought possible.

Now, I know that Ometepe Island certainly doesn’t need more puppies, but I have a plan. Our new veterinarian, Sara, came to our house last week and we discussed locations for a spay and neuter clinic. Our local community center at Puesta del Sol, will be a perfect place for a weekend extravaganza.   Cut, cut, snip, snip…no more unwanted cats or dogs in La Paloma.


Meanwhile, we had to figure out a way to get Ratonita and her pups out of the brush pile. It’s just to dangerous…so many predators like boa constrictors!!
IMG_2351Ratonita wasn’t having any part of our plan. She snarled at Julio and refused to budge.
IMG_2353Julio quickly removed his t-shirt and placed it over Ratonita’s head, so she couldn’t see him removing her pups.
IMG_2354First, one, then two females (embras) were gently placed on the old feed sack, while Ratonita remained calm and oblivious to the raid of her puppy nest.
IMG_2355One more….three adorable females.
IMG_2357But, wait…what have we here? It’s a BOY…a little pig nosed macho puppy.
IMG_2358Tyler is introduced to his first son. By the way, the other female dog he knocked up had four female pups. Don’t you know…we desperately need a spay and neuter weekend clinic in La Paloma, now?
IMG_2359With the four new puppies whimpering on the old feed sack, Ratonita is coaxed out of the brush pile to tend to her younglings.
IMG_2360Four little puppies laying on a sack…three are female and one is FAT.
IMG_2361Isn’t he adorable? I love puppy breath.
IMG_2363We’re having a hard time resisting this little feller. We may have to give him a good home in two months. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Plentiful Puppies

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  2. Hi Debbie. He’s so ugly, he’s adorable.:) Good for you. Unwanted dogs are such a part of many societies. It doesn’t have to be that way and sounds like you are taking steps in changing that. Got back from India 2 weeks ago and Ron and I have been so sick. Just now feeling human again.

    • Oh no, Lynne. Did you catch a bug in India? I’m glad you are feeling better. I can’t wait to see your pics. We’re leaving for Ecuador next week for a month. When we return, it looks like we’re getting the ugly, adorable puppy. We’ve named him El Capitan. You know how it goes, once you name an animal they are yours for life. LOL

  3. I saw so many dogs while in Nicaragua. I love that you organized a spay and neuter clinic. I have no doubt it would get out of hand on an island!

  4. Awwwwww – bless! How absolutely adorable… and yes, I think they wee fellow’s got your name written all over him. 😀

    Glad you guys got them out safe and sound, and without Ratonita taking off a few bodypart of your guys. 😀 Dogs can be so protective of their young.

    The spay and neuter clinic sounds great – wishing you guys the best of luck with it!

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