Fli-Fy, not Wi-Fi

I am constantly in search of a stronger wi-fi signal. Living on a small tropical island in Nicaragua is not conducive to FAST internet. Sometimes, it is so frustrating trying to upload or download information. And forget about watching Youtube videos with a 3G dongle. Even with my homemade woktenna, a strong signal is sporadic.

But, I have lots of doves. Afterall, we live in the village of La Paloma…the village of doves. They are everywhere! If this works with pigeons, it’s sure to work with doves. Soon, I’ll be attaching these mini-routers to all the doves in La Paloma. I may need the help of some dove catchers and definitely a large supply of velcro.

Thanks to Samsung’s innovative approach, I should be flying through the internet in no time! If only I can catch those cute little doves.
Happy April first everyone!

9 thoughts on “Fli-Fy, not Wi-Fi

  1. As someone who lived in Haiti for a year, I SO empathize! Of course, wifi here in Ecuador is not what it is in the US, as Z, experiences. But we have stronger signals in Cuenca than either of you do. By the way, I have a family of pigeons living in our eaves. Shall I send them along, so you have a few extra?

    I don’t think I’ve missed any posts of yours recently, but I’m trying to let folks know that it’s going to be a busy month for Sara and me–traveling to the beach, teaching a week-long workshop, and having friends visit from the US. Fun, but YIKES!

    If I miss something, please know I will be back!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. of course your sister in pain sends her sympathies!   my email notification opened, but the internet is too slow to open the page.  i look forward to re what creative solutions you’ve found..

    this weekend i wrote a satelite internet company.. there’s a sleek top sized system that can go anywhere you go.. but wow, we could buy a used truck for what it costs!

    sigh.  i now balance the usb in front of a metal mixing bowl…


    • Oh, Z! I wish you could view this video. It’s hysterical. But the funny thing is, many of my friends think this is possible. You never know. Here’s a little synopsis of the video. Samsung posted an April Fools video about how to supply internet to the world. They made a tiny modem that straps to the back of a pigeon and the pigeon carries the wi-fi signal around Piccadilly Circle. They said because of their hollow bones, they are excellent conductors of electricity. Haha! Hmmm…maybe we should work on this idea?

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