Weekly Photo Challenge: The Inside Scoop on Corn Island

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Inside. Our trip to the Corn Islands in Nicaragua provided me with many opportunities to get the inside scoop on Corn Island.

From inside one island, to another. Looking out the ferry window. Adios Ometepe.
Ahhh…snuggled inside a hammock on the Caribbean coast is glorious.
IMG_1731Peek-a-boo. Who is inside Ron’s hat?
IMG_3994Wait a minute! Who is inside my pina colada?
IMG_4050What really goes on inside a lobster fishing boat?
IMG_1763Inside the cockpit of our tiny plane returning to Managua from the Corn Islands. Look, there’s Ometepe Island! Can you just drop us off at our house?
IMG_1821Inside the hotel in Managua, waiting for my taxi driver to pick me up and take me home.  Living on one island and vacationing on another…what a life!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Inside Scoop on Corn Island

  1. We live in the countryside in Michoacán. For vacations, we like the cities. Last one was nearly three weeks in Mexico City and Oaxaca combined. We had a great time.

    Don Cuevas

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