Weekly Photo Challenge: Speculating on Perspective

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Perspective.  Sometimes life is but a dream. What is real? How do we perceive our world? One photo stories from two perspectives on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

Ocean waves? Beach grass gently waving along the shore?

Hieroglyphics? Petroglyphs?

A corny mosaic?


My beautiful cat, Queenie? Or supper?

A pretty wall in town? Or a form of protest?

A peaceful baby nursing in a tranquil environment? Or a ruckus, bumpy plane ride and the only way to calm a fussy baby?

It’s all in the way we look at our world.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Speculating on Perspective

  1. Thanks…the Fuego y Agua ultra marathoners had some really cool tattoos. Haha! Queenie could never be supper! She chose a strange place to take a nap.

  2. Great photos for the challenge. You really had me fooled, especially the first one. I bet this was fun to crop and see what you can do with perspective. Have a great weekend.

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