The Soul of the World

worldmap1There is a small concrete pyramid on the top of a hill on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. Supposedly, this is a sacred place…the soul of the world…only one of eight places in the world, where the vertices of a flattened cube meet.

IMG_4031Math is not my strength, and especially not geometry. In order to simplify this concept (mainly for me!), a standard cube has eight vertices. A vertex is the point where the lines come together, forming an angle. So, a cube has eight vertices (or corners), six faces, and twelve edges.

IMG_4028A really smart mathematician, Fra Luca Pacolini, demonstrated mathematically, that the four regular solid bodies: the Tetrahedron, the Cube, the Octahedron, and the Icosahedron, correspond respectively to the four elements: fire, earth, water, and air.

IMG_4034Based on the symbolic relationship that exists between the earth and the cube…some very intelligent math people, created a paper cube, placed it over the earth in specific locations that corresponded with the latitude and longitude, and found eight souls of the world, where these vertices connect.

IMG_4030Now, I don’t know how they figured out this complicated mathematical formula, but I do know, that this place deserves to be called the soul of the world…just look at it!!!  And, since I am a feeling kind of intuitive gal, I believe that this place is very special. I felt it deep within my soul.

IMG_4041The other seven places in the world where the vertices meet are: Hawaii, Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, Kalahari Desert in Botswana, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina/Chile, Lake Baikal in Republic of Buryat, Galicia in Spain, and South Island in New Zealand.

Hmmm…this may be fun to explore the other seven souls of the world.

Do you know of a soul of the world? Someplace special, unique, and sacred? Can our planet be defined by symbolic mathematical relationships? Have you ever visited any of the eight vertices of the world? If so, what were your impressions?

For more information: The Soul of the World

11 thoughts on “The Soul of the World

  1. He,
    I am Rafael Trénor, creator of the sculpture The Soul of the World.
    I’ve just enjoyed your blog and the way you apreciated the strength of the place.

    I’ve already developed most of the project and, if you want, I could send you by email al the information not include in the webpage. In case, send your email.
    Un abrazo and perhaps wecan keep in contact
    Rafael Trénor

  2. There is a whole field of sacred geometry that includes golden ratios, Fibonacci sequence, and numbers as archetypes….the little bit I know about is (mostly the archetypes) is quite fascinating and goes way beyond what we ever learned in Math class!

  3. Thanks for the math lesson since I’m mathematically challenged. What a beautiful spot to be in right now. I’ll have to include some of those places in my bucket list.

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